Common Problems with Struts and Shocks & their Consequen

2018-05-14 10:51 SUNGO

Whether it is a strut or a shock, they suffer from almost similar problems. One of the most common problems with a hydraulic shock or strut is leakage of the fluid from the cylinder. This can result in diminished dampening performance from the shocks and struts. Other problems with the struts include worn-out springs and hardened bump stops. Some of the common symptoms of bad struts/shocks include shifting of the car to one side while cornering, or aggressive vibration of the vehicle, especially when driving at high speeds. Struts are generally priced higher than shocks, and also tend to have higher labor and repair costs than shocks.


Air Struts and Shocks

Air suspension systems have now been adapted by many automakers due to their flexibility in suspension settings. These are superior to traditional suspension systems since they allow for adjustments in the ride height and provide an exceptional ride quality. The air suspension system relies on an air compressor to adjust the ride height to the required level. In an air suspension system, the air struts are generally called the air bags. One of the most common problems with air struts is the air leakage, which can result in poor dampening effects. The air struts can also fail due to a number of factors such as aging, wet rust or moisture. It is important to replace air struts meticulously, since any mishaps in installation can result in a premature failure of the system. You can restore the performance of your air suspension system by replacing faulty air struts or air compressors with new replacements from