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Street new elements, wonderful interpretation of the charm of a single cylinder
Release date:2019.05.28

I. what are the differences between infinity 300RR and streetcar version



Similarities: the same power platform (YF300 engine, braid frame, Bosch electric spray) is adjusted slightly differently, the front and rear tire specifications and shock absorber system remain the same, respectively 110/70-17 and 150/60-17, the front inverted type is not adjustable, and the rear middle multi-link. The mailbox is also 15L, and there is no change in seat, pedal and other body accessories.


Differences: a new sports car appearance, have big body, handlebar, surrounded the iconic sports car properties such as transparency was turned, and provides four more young and bold color appearance, appearance color radish cabbage, compared with first-class sports cars, there must be difference, but for southeast, is a major change (compared to previous models), it is a good thing. Funny is that some people take it to compare with the horizon on the Internet, do not know that most of the horizon, and even some of the engine factory are longxin home?


The new eagle eye LED headlights are cool at night and have a ducati effect.


The front brake has been upgraded to double disc and double piston type, which is still not equipped with ABS, but reserved with ABS port.


After the flat fork into hollow shape, although not aluminum alloy material, but the visual effect has been greatly improved, looks a lot more rugged. The above points are basically the difference between 300RR and streetcar version at a glance.


The invisible part is that the vehicle mass has increased by 10kg to 165kg, and the front double disc and fully enclosed model have been added. It is reasonable to increase the vehicle mass by 10kg. Don't forget that this is a 300cc (actual 292cc) model. With reference to the same single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve and the actual displacement of 286cc Honda CBR300R 165kg (ABS version), we can know the ready quality. In the domestic similar models, the infinity 300RR has been made very light.


Then the body parameters also changed. The length, width and height of the streetcar version changed from 2035 785 1060mm to 1965 790 1015mm, the wheelbase changed from 1360mm to 1340mm, the body length, height and wheelbase all reduced, relatively speaking, it will improve the handling of 300RR to a certain extent. In addition, the engine has been adjusted again, with the maximum power of 19.3kw/8500rpm and the maximum torque of 24.5n.m /7000rpm. Under the condition that the maximum power output speed remains unchanged, the maximum power and torque of 300RR are slightly larger than those of the streetcar version (19kw/ 23.5n.m). The actual ride is different from the test.


Ii. Positioning analysis of infinity 300RR

The press conference and track experience activity of infinity 300RR was held in a small karting track, but the track planning and training were very professional, and the participants had a good time. On the one hand, the track is not big, and on the other hand, the technical requirements for drivers are not too high. You can play freely and win prizes if you are lucky. In addition to professional drivers, there are many novice drivers who have just entered the pit to participate in the track experience.


The double R is typically reserved for high-performance supercars such as Honda's CBR250RR. While the name of infinity 300RR should be more of the meaning of the sports car version of 300R, the engine characteristics and adjustment is the middle and low speed, the essence is still a streetcar, but has the combat attributes of sports cars.


The infinity 300RR should be such a car; Usually can be used as a commuter brush street, empty to run mountain brush racetrack, and then ride back to have a dinner or something. It can be both a track starter and a big platoon, but it can also be a daily commuter car, is a daily cycling entry level medium-sized imitation car.


Some may worry about the track's performance, with the cars in their original state on the day of the launch, but only a handful of people are able to push the limits of the car, change it and play with it again. It has been some years since longxin's YF300 engine came out, and the author has driven different models of this engine platform for a long time, and he is satisfied with the stability of this engine. At least the batch of cars running continuously under high load on that day did not have any problems.


The price of 17,800 yuan is 2,000 yuan more than the streetcar version. The cost is calculated. If you think it is too expensive, you can see who pulled down the price of 250 to 300cc class cars after 300R. It is a pity that the ABS version of 300RR has not come out yet. It is said that this car adopts Bosch ABS. The strict working style of German people must be played in strict accordance with their rules.

So a multifunctional imitation racing car, think that the single cylinder machine is very suitable, why say so? I think only by the multi-cylinder car baked eggs, urban 5 is difficult to be small pedal second, difficult to turn around in situ, reversing difficult to help up, and run all over the old driver and the wallet is not rich people know.

So why do so many people expect the larger displacement of the single cylinder infinite 650ADV? So like the double cylinder, and so on wuji 500 double cylinder out to see how many gush start, rest assured, don't wait too long.