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Release date:2019.06.06


Moral sense determines the tolerance of dishonest behavior

There is a story in the bible about a woman who was caught and brought to Jesus, asking him to stone her to death according to the law. Jesus told the crowd, "whoever thinks he is without sin is to be stoned." After hearing Jesus' words, the people around him bowed their heads and walked away speechless.


Imperfection is true human nature. Man is the incarnation of angel and devil, both have their own moral boundary, and are tempted by profit. Everyone has said or done dishonest things at one time or another, but there is always the feeling that if you don't cross the moral boundary, you won't feel guilty. Such as "inadvertently" in the company's paper, pen to bring home, business trips to do a little personal expenses also take to reimburse and so on this kind of dishonest things, will not let a person feel and oneself are a "good" person set conflict.

Therefore, a person's moral sense determines his tolerance for dishonest behavior.

But the question is: which line is not allowed to cross the red line, beyond this money is immoral behavior? It's very subjective. For example, in the eyes of some enterprises, behaviors that are not excessive, such as changing product ingredients to save costs and hide hidden dangers of products from customers, are regarded as immoral behaviors and immoral pollution sources in the eyes of others. Because, dishonest behavior is like an infectious disease, can spread to the industry, destroy the entire industry ecology.

"Don't be evil" should be the mantra of self-regulation in every business

There is an old song called "heaven and earth this zaiyougan call" (" prime minister liu luoguo "theme song), the lyrics said:" between heaven and earth have straw called, that thallium is common people ", we want to say is: "between heaven and earth have straw called, that call thallium is your moral sense. "Don't be evil" should be a self-regulatory creed that every company abides by. because

There is no bottom line, the abyss.

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