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How should the second-hand motorcycle of head of ten thousand yuan choose?
Release date:2020.12.08

Honda CB190

CB190 is also one of the cars with hot displacement at the beginning of the domestic market, especially the eye of storm of CB190. Its reputation is even more explosive. As a streetcar, the 184CC single-cylinder engine is not popular among many people, but it is well adapted in five hands. In terms of operation, it is easy to use and comfortable to operate. Moreover, as a single-cylinder motorcycle, it is very fuel-efficient. It is good for urban daily commuting, and occasionally running a mountain in the suburb on weekends is also enough.

New car landing in 17,000 or so, the price is not low; And the used car price that uses 2 years or so is in early 10,000, the second-hand car that looks for a card is bought, want the car to did not have an accident to be able to take only.

The spring 250 nk

As a more sporty streetcar, Chunfeng's NK series is very popular. In addition, the 250NK also has fast acceleration and strong power in the same level. Simply put, it is the most powerful 250CC streetcar in China. Powered by a water-cooled single-cylinder engine, the 250cc displacement can generate 19.5KW of power. As an everyday scooter, its high level of appearance is also one of the reasons why it is liked by many people.


The price of the new car of the Spring Breeze 250NK falls to about 17,000, and the second-hand market price of the car with the mileage of more than 10,000 kilometers after cycling for 1-2 years is just over 10,000. Although the spring Breeze 250NK has some minor problems, it is worth winning as long as the car does not have an accident.

Suzuki GW250

This is a motorcycle known as the "magic car" by many car friends. As a model that has been sold for six or seven years, it is still favored by many people in the current motorcycle market. This is also the ability of foreign brands to create classic models. As an asynchronous two-cylinder water-cooled engine, the GW250 features good control and fuel economy. And the power is enough, at 250cc displacement, its power may not be the best, but the stability of the mass must be the best.

Due to the abnormal maintenance rate of Suzuki GW series, the budget of over 10,000 yuan can only choose those models of 2015 or 16 years, almost over 10,000 yuan.

Boehner, 302

As a street car, it is different from spring breeze NK in depicting sharp lines. Bernalli 302 features a full sense of muscle, while the power of 300CC dual-cylinder water-cooled engine is the biggest presence of these four cars. Moreover, the powerful exhaust sound also makes many people very obsessed with the feeling of exhaust of a four-cylinder car.

New car landing probably in the appearance of 30,000, but Benelli has never maintained its value; Basically a car with 20,000-30,000 km can be picked up in the early 10k.