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What are the major taboo of electric jet motorcycle in the running-in period?
Release date:2021.01.14

Electric spray motorcycle in line with the global environmental protection and national energy conservation and emission reduction of the social trend, gradually in the domestic popularity, all domestic production and sales of motorcycles are replaced by electric spray models, then electric spray motorcycle in the running-in period what big taboo?


Under normal circumstances, the running-in period of electric jet motorcycle in about 1500 kilometers, in the running-in period need to control the speed of the motorcycle, try not to increase the throttle driving in the running-in period, especially violent driving, it is recommended to grasp the speed of 60km/h.

· Try not to go long without riding. If it is used for a long time, it is easy to lose power, it is best to start once a half a month or to charge the battery before starting;

· Try not to start as soon as you open the lock. There will be a self-inspection process after unlocking the vehicle, and it is best to start the vehicle after self-inspection.

· Don't overwash your car. Unlike a car, a motorbike has a lot of sophisticated electronic components in its body, and although these electronic components are waterproof, excessive washing is not recommended. Even if you want to wash the car, but also some delicate, avoid the use of high-pressure water gun rough rinse.

As long as the above points are avoided and regular maintenance is maintained, the service life of the locomotive can be greatly extended. After all, every motorcyclist loves his or her bike and wants to adjust it to the best possible condition. So in the electric jet motorcycle running-in period should pay special attention to the above points.