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What have all the motorcycles we've ridden over the years taught us?
Release date:2021.01.14

The development of motorcycles has a history of 100 years, it is a convenient and environmentally friendly, and full of fun means of transportation. For a true motorcyclist, there is nothing more exciting than driving your own motorbike along the way.

Not only does cycling seem to give us a strong sense of well-being, but it's also a very good physical and mental exercise.

Motorcycle riding promotes brain health

Studies have shown that when riding a motorcycle, the rider's brain is working at a high level. The rider's consciousness is more acute than usual, both physically and mentally. Compared with four-wheel drivers, motorcyclists are more able to detect and deal with the dangers on the road in a timely manner.

Motorcycle riding promotes interpersonal relationships

Release the pressure of life and work

When riding on the road, riders tend to be friendlier and more approachable than drivers. Studies have shown that frequent motorcycle travel, especially with people traveling, can be very good to relieve the pressure in life, work, to enhance interpersonal relations, the effect of stretching mind.

Motorcycle riding is a form of fitness

To control a motorcycle to use almost every muscle in your body, and each tendons, even small motorcycle, people and cars together also can reach hundreds of pounds, the weight of the rider spontaneous automatically guide motorcycle safety, and the body naturally would be involved in the balance of body exercise for cycling. The rider exercises his legs, waist, back, and arms while avoiding obstacles.


Motorcycle riding boosts the body's metabolism

Most of the time, riding a motorcycle is a gentle, steady physical activity that stimulates the immune system and increases the metabolism of human organs. A study by the West Coast Medical Association in the United States showed that some diabetic patients who rode a motorcycle for more than a year had their blood sugar under control.

There is no doubt that motorcycle riding is a healthy lifestyle.

So what should we do if we want to ride better and safer?

Physical exercise is very important

A healthy, strong body can handle the bike better, including everything from the bend to the most basic tire check. European and American sports doctors often compare motorcycle riding with swimming or jogging. They believe that motorcycle riding can effectively exercise the legs, waist, back and arm strength, which is incomparable to other sports. If a rider is physically trained, then the secondary training effect on the body during the cycling process will be more significant.

Get enough rest

Riders should get plenty of rest to help them concentrate and ride safely. In an emergency, the rider can react more quickly and correctly to avoid danger. In addition, mental exercise under the guidance of professionals is also important, which helps to keep the rider's mind free from too much external interference while riding; Of course, the most important thing is to let riders have more fun during the ride.

Food and water issues are very important

Before cycling, it is most suitable to eat some simple food with low sugar and fat, which can meet the body's basic needs of calories. It is also important to have adequate drinking water. Cycling studies have shown that cycling for a long time can cause discomfort due to lack of water, so riders must be prepared with plenty of water before riding.

Especially in the summer, our peak cycling season. Because the weather is getting hotter, especially after long periods of cycling in the hot sun, drinking water is especially important. Be sure to get plenty of rest and replenish water in time to avoid heat stroke caused by long-distance cycling. Xiaobian in this summer long-distance cycling friends can start early in the morning, take a rest in time when it is hot at noon, after noon is not so hot to continue on the road. Since the daylight is longer in summer and the weather is cooler in the evening, it is better for cycling, but it is not recommended to ride at night.