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What's the use of motorcycle oil?
Release date:2021.02.08

Motorists in the daily maintenance of the motorcycle is necessary to change the oil, usually common understanding is the lubrication of the oil, and is the protection of the engine, few understand the other role of the oil, today together to understand the oil in the end what role?

First, lubrication and abrasion reduction

When the engine is running, there will be friction between the piston and the cylinder, and between the spindle and the bearing bush. If the friction is too large, it may be locked. At the same time, the wear and tear of each part will be accelerated. The oil film of sufficient thickness is separated from the surface of the parts with relative friction, so as to reduce the friction loss of the engine and extend the engine life

Two, cooling and cooling

In addition to air cooling, water cooling and other ways to help the engine cooling, oil also provides a certain cooling effect, the engine will produce a very high temperature in the process of operation, oil can bring the heat back to the tank and then distribute into the air to help cool the engine

Three, vibration reduction buffer

When the engine is running, there will be contact force between the internal parts, which will produce a certain impact force on the parts. Such force will accelerate the aging of parts. The liquid oil can disperse the local impact force, reduce the vibration and impact load of parts, and delay the wear and aging of parts


Four, sealing leakage prevention

The oil forms a sealing ring between the piston ring and piston, reducing gas leakage and preventing outside contaminants from entering

Five, rust and corrosion prevention

Lubricating oil can be adsorbed on the surface of parts to form an oil film, to isolate water, air, acid substances and harmful gases from contact with parts to prevent corrosion and rust of metal parts

Six, cleaning cleaning

Good oil can be the engine parts of the carbon, mud, wear metal particles through the cycle back to the bottom of the oil box, through the flow of lubricating oil, wash the dirty parts produced on the working surface