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What are the diseases of the motorcycle season?
Release date:2021.02.08

When it comes to seasonal diseases, most people will think of coronary heart disease, bronchitis, old cold legs and so on. Of course, these are seasonal diseases of human beings. Today we are going to talk about the seasonal diseases of motorcycles.

Cold, is the motorcycle season disease multiple season, where is the winter motorcycle easy to go wrong? Let's talk about it today.

One, battery loss

In winter, the cold will be the battery activity is reduced, for the use of carburetor motorcycle winter difficult to start, many owners do not know how to maintain the battery, can not catch fire, keep the fire, the result will lead to, the battery hit the loss of power. If you don't ride a bike in winter for a long time, and suddenly want to ride, but find that the battery is exhausted, there are only two ways, one is to learn to use the pedals to start. Ride for a period of time, the battery will be full of electricity, the engine is hot, the battery can also be used, two is only to replace the new starting battery.

Two, carburetor failure

Carburetor failure is the most obvious performance in winter. There are generally two kinds of situations. One is damper failure, which is mainly manifested in the pedal car. The other is the carburetor various oil volume holes wear and aging, resulting in engine starting difficulties, idle instability, throttle response poor and other faults. At this time, it is usually necessary to replace the carburetor to solve the start-up difficulties. Here to remind users, carburetors are generally used for 5 years or more than 50,000 kilometers may be aging, do not easily replace the carburetor.


Three, spark plug damage

Winter many friends of the spark plug is often damaged, this is also the season of the motorcycle disease, winter gasoline atomization is poor, spark plug easy to produce carbon deposition, starting is also easy to drown by gasoline. In addition to the winter often ride and not far, it is easy to produce carbon deposition lead to spark plug failure.

Of course, there are many reasons for the difficult start of the vehicle in winter, such as valve wear, poor oil, etc., but these are not only produced in winter, so if you are not good in winter to start, your mind should have spectrum, more are these three reasons. Of course, the above three kinds of faults can only appear in the carburetor car, electric injection models rarely because of cold above faults.