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Discontinued: Motorcycles that are not produced after 2021
Release date:2021.02.18

Parting can be a sad thing, including those motorcycles we've always loved. When the manufacturer will stop production, until the dealers have sold all of them, will withdraw from the market stage. But the bikes will still be around for years and can still be found on the second-hand market. But there will always be other exciting new cars to take their place.

Harley-Davidson Sportster & Street

Harley produced the first Sportster in 1957, making it one of the oldest Harley lines. Of course, Harley has been updating it, and Sportster has been produced in thousands of versions over the past 64 years. With the improvement of the Iron 883 and the Iron 48, the 2021 Iron 1200 has become the last car model.

In addition to the Sportster, the Street line of cars, including the Street 500, the Street 750 and the Street Rod, will also be discontinued when they are sold out. The Street line was launched in 2014, but hasn't been able to gain a significant share of the market, probably because it's so un-Harley.


Yamaha V-Max & YZF-R6

The whimsical Yamaha V-Max, which shocked the market with its look straight out of anime when it was first introduced in 1985, has been an oddity among big-engine cruise cars since it got a major redesign in 2009. Its 1, 197cc V-type four-cylinder engine was upgraded to a 1, 679cc version with high explosive power. The original V-Max had a feature called V-Boost, which mimicked turbocharging by opening throttles at high RPM to push more air into the combustion chamber.

Then leave the YZF-R6 is also to make car friends regret the model. Since its introduction in 1999, the YZF-R6 has been the leader among the 600cc class super sports motorcycles.

Ducati Monster

With the arrival of the new Monster with a 937cc water-cooled L-cylinder, the Monster 1200 is gone, and so will the Monster 797, the most direct descendant of the original air-cooled M900 Monster from 1994. The new Monster will no longer have the iconic steel tubular frame that has been Ducati's hallmark for decades. Fortunately, you can still get the basic air-cooled Ducati from Scrambler 800.

KTM 690/790 Duke

The lightweight and powerful single-cylinder KTM 690 Duke was always a favorite until two years ago when it was replaced by the two-cylinder 790 Duke, and now both will be history when they are replaced by the latest KTM 890 Duke. However, the 790 DUKE will become one of the domestic KTM models in the future after being discontinued abroad.

While these will be the models we miss, fresh green shoots have begun to sprout and replace them. The ability to comply with Euro 5 environmental standards is now the key to survival and it is believed that the manufacturers will deliver better, more stable and more powerful motorcycles than ever before.