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The underappreciated but brilliant designs on motorcycles
Release date:2021.02.18

Although we all ride motorcycles every day, there are many things on them that we may not often notice, or even the owners may not even know about, but some of these overlooked designs are quite subtle.

1, light far and near adjustment hole;

Many owners think motorcycle lighting distance can only rely on a dimmer switch, if the dimmer switch of condenser system is not satisfied, also can't do, in fact, motorbike and an adjusting screw hole, use a screwdriver can adjust, across cycling right, under the lamps, and scooters in the former case, usually as shown above.

2. Parking lock mechanism;

Motorcycles if parked on the slope of the road will produce sliding, resulting in the vehicle overturned, so in the Honda pedals designed a manual parking lock mechanism, as long as the parking hand press, the motorcycle will not move, played the equivalent of the car's hand brake role. As shown above.

3. USB interface;

With the development of The Times, now many motorcycles are generally equipped with USB interface, which can facilitate mobile phone charging, especially for mobile phone navigation owners have a very convenient role, as shown in the picture above.

4. Oil spill hole;


General regular motorcycle brand factory products have oil spill hole, the role of oil spill hole is when refueling, if the phenomenon of oil spill, the spilled gasoline will flow along the oil spill hole to the tail of the motorcycle, will not let the gasoline spill on the motorcycle body, especially the engine, so as to avoid the occurrence of fire.

5. Carbon tank;

Carbon tank was originally a motorcycle country three emission standards mandatory implementation of a gasoline anti-evaporation device, but this device actually solved a lot of problems motorcycle, first of all, to prevent gasoline evaporation, air pollution. Secondly, you can extend the gelatinization time of gasoline. Once the car of two countries has not been riding for a long time, the gasoline can not be used. With the carbon tank, the time of the gasoline deterioration will be extended a lot. It also saves fuel because the canister can capture the evaporated oil and gas, which can then be burned when the motorbike is in use.

6. Filter blowdown pipe;

There are many car owners always see behind the motorcycle is a lot of tubes, but don't know what's the use of, in fact this is to keep the air filter clean, smooth, an important design contains a lot of water vapor in the air, on the other hand, the motorcycle in the course of carriage, or motorcycle fuel supply system to produce the fault, still can let motorcycle backflow from the crankcase out some oil into the air filter, drainage pipe will collect the sewage or waste oil, after full to a certain extent, can be pulled out. Never let this pipe go straight through!

7, stop screw;

As long as it is a regular motorcycle brand, the screws of the front and rear axles are stop nuts. As long as they are tightened, they will not become loose, so as to avoid driving accidents. Therefore, when the owner buys a car, he must check whether his front and rear spindle nuts are stop nuts, because there are many irregular products that do not use stop nuts.