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How long will you like buying a car?
Release date:2021.03.09

How long will you like buying a car?

When it comes to "how long", I prefer to use the term "shelf life"

For new players into the pit, there is no use of appearance, performance, relatively objective cognition, the scene is often like piranhas, bought first, it is often short shelf life, even listen to the advice of related old driver, it too hard and fast growth of their subjective demand, many are less than half a year to "love"

Advanced players have established the basic vehicle, safety cognition, once established cycling confidence, there is not enough twist on the throttle to meet that kind of feeling, car curve will usher in a "Waterloo", this time, most of the energy in the dissatisfaction with the current vehicle, and hope for other vehicles, the shelf life longer than the first one


Although there are some people in performance not so obsessed, but flower heart ah, on the usage scenario, never satisfied, and so the economy allowed cases, they hope to sports car, a streetcar named, pedal, cruise had better to each one, can not so capricious, that can only be through frequent change to meet the needs of their own "flower heart", and love is not a specific car, became "universal love", generally not more than 1 year shelf life

In numerous types, one type is a long shelf life, these people buy a vehicle after you come back, is not just a ride, or spent a great deal of care in his car into a car has its own characteristics, according to oneself idea, optimization, let the vehicle owners some of his own soul, this kind of car is relatively longer shelf life, but if it is not very professional, also be empathy don't love fate in the end

So, how many cars have you owned? How long is the shelf life?