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How to save money to maintain their motorcycle
Release date:2021.03.09

First of all, start from the motorcycle, the current domestic motorcycle brands can be basically classified into three categories:

1. Domestic channel models;

This kind of motorcycle is basically the production of the general spare parts of the domestic motorcycle matching factory, so the spare parts of these motorcycles are easy to buy and the price is low. Features of such products: models are generally the mythical Wuyang, CG, Suzuki King, Prince or a slight distortion of this style, the engine is generally rod jocking machine and CB small chain models.

2. Joint venture featured models;

Such models are generally based on Japanese joint venture cars, characterized by models and engines are the brand's own patented products, mature technology and market access parts are not common. Such as Honda's CBF turbo-combustion engine, NSC pedal engine, Yamaha's nuclear engine and so on.

3. Da Mao models;

Daimao models, needless to say, are not produced in China at all, and the exclusivity and scarcity of its accessories means that consumers have no choice.

Secondly, from the type of repair shop, it is also divided into three categories;

1. Roadside repair shop;

Roadside repair shop is equivalent to the treatment of a small clinic, can only treat headaches, such as heat, for the motorcycle, but also can only change the tire, pump, change the chain spark plug and so on, in trouble a little bit of fault, do not dare to start, some dare to start, but the small fault into a major fault.


2. Strong technical repair shop;

This kind of shop owner has a certain accumulation of technology, and a certain reputation, so the business is good, but the management is relatively irregular, the owner is generally conceited, not easy to accept new things.

3. Brand maintenance station;

This kind of brand maintenance station is generally set up for their own brand, the management is relatively standardized, the equipment is also more advanced. And technical training is often done, but because of uneven quality of personnel, some maintenance stations do very well, and some have brand sheep's head, the real suspicion of rigging customers.

Well, said the type of motorcycle and repair shop, you can according to their own motorcycle for scientific maintenance and maintenance, not only maintenance in place, but also to the maximum savings.

First of all, if your motorcycle is a domestic channel motorcycle, it is best to set in a good technical repair shop maintenance and maintenance, even if the bad on the road, occasionally can also roadside shop repair a tire, because your motorcycle parts general, low technical content, you can save money to repair, of course, can not use too many parts.

If your motorcycle is a joint venture featured models, then it is best to choose to buy a motorcycle shop maintenance and maintenance, even if you feel that the master of the repair station is not professional, it must also buy the original parts in the repair station, and then go to a relatively professional repair shop to repair. Because this kind of motorcycle once did not use original factory accessories, performance and service life will be greatly discounted.

If your car is a big trade car, then you have no idea, can only go to the shop maintenance and maintenance, of course, the shop maintenance and maintenance to be relatively professional, guaranteed, but the price is also a bit contrite, but, since the consumption of a big trade car, can only accept this, after all, it has uniqueness and scarcity.

Finally, remind those relatively high-end owners, try to use the original parts, do not covet cheap, casually go to the roadside store to change tires and chains, this is because a set of not the original factory has tooth disc chain, may be your motorcycle engine of the main drive shaft to scrap. That's a big loss. If you change the wrong type of tire, will make your motorcycle fuel consumption significantly increased, the suitability of the decline, do not believe? If your scooter tire is 90/100-10 and you change the 3.50-10 tire in the roadside shop, the shop owner will tell you that it is the same, but in fact it is different. Although it can be installed, its durability, comfort and fuel economy have changed, but you are not professional and it is difficult to perceive.