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How much power is your car exerting?
Release date:2021.04.15

When it comes to playing cars, our theoretical consciousness tends to go ahead of our practical ability. For example, we only have 10,000 yuan in our pocket, but all we want is a car worth 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. Then we feel that only by giving ourselves a little "pressure" can we really meet our "ambition" at the moment.

This kind of ambition is even more for ordinary cyclists. They even apply this theory to the performance of the vehicle's displacement. As soon as they learn the driver's license, they feel that the car can ride and stop, so they begin to pursue speed, displacement and performance


Safe to run a long distance, began to feel that he is an old driver, often obsessed with the bend of the kind of pleasure, can not extricate themselves, but do not know, has been in the silly probe is one's own "limit", and the car is still "wronged" to cater to your these "children"

Buy a performance beyond their ability of the car, there is nothing wrong, as long as the price of the vehicle in your ability range, but if you really want to play understand, want to play fully dripping, enjoy the release, then try to choose a performance is also suitable for their car is better, otherwise the car is also very wronged

So what kind of car did you buy? How much success have you exerted on it?