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How would you ride a Kawasaki Bar Ten if I gave you one?
Release date:2021.06.10
For kawasaki Daniel ZX - 10 r this car, I've always thought he was not a very friendly to people, just like an suv will never consider you height and ride comfort, the more pure sports car, the less concessions to riding people do, everything is born for speed, how to faster, is such a model has been the pursuit of "values"

Even though these bikes are "honest" and unreasonable, as motorcycle lovers, we still love them like "licking dogs" and look forward to riding them one day. All other difficulties and discomfort are nothing but clouds...

This time at the Shanghai Circuit, I had the chance to test drive Kawasaki's latest ZX-10R alongside the Ninja 1000SX, Z1000, ZH2 and H2R

Although is premium, but no comparison, no damage, when we put these travel, road, the car on the track of a shot straight when found that at the beginning the pursuit of comfort is not sweet, too much is not good, flexible and refreshing feeling, linear acceleration and torque of premature explosion, will in turn make you some, The limited Angle of the street and the station wagon is a constant reminder that you can't press too low on a track like this, and the sitting position that is not designed for the track makes it slightly awkward to hang sideways

When in a circle, again on the ZX - 10 r, suddenly found that the car which are in the circuit as a tailor, lie prone posture will make you in high speed wind resistance of small, as far as possible when the snap acceleration or deceleration can naturally embrace together and body will have body shift because of inertia, more sensitive in the corners and anticipation of rotational speed and torque, It will allow you to adjust the state of the vehicle at any time according to the need. It will quickly improve the speed at the moment of turning and provide the rider with strong torque. Compared with other public upgraded models, the ZX-10R is much lighter on the track and more fun!


ZX - 10 r as kawasaki for many years in the WSBK chariot, win the title that this is not to play, kawasaki, although not involved in the motogp race, but this does not affect the ZX - 10 r, as a most closely track car production models of unlimited scenery, use two words to describe it is "pure", an uncompromising for top speed, At the same time in the shape, sound, temperament also everywhere show the king style, which is not difficult to understand why so many people want to have a cow's original intention ~

At present, Kawasaki's models are the most popular among Daimao brands, but the new products in the range of small and medium displacement, Daimao, joint venture and domestic also bring a lot of pressure to Kawasaki. I think Kawasaki must be actively deploying the things that are prepared for a rainy day

The release of the latest ZX-10R in China, as well as the ZX-10R test driving experience in this race, we can understand that Kawasaki continues to explore the action in the play market, and through these top car models and high pretend bility activities, let fans realize once again that there is a lot of space in the play market Kawasaki!

Finally the question comes, for such a car born for speed, you buy back, how to ride?