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About ten thousand yuan European retro pedal attack! High appearance level, high configuration, 150CC retro water cooling new benchmark
Release date:2021.09.02

European scooter has always been the existence of god, Brestone Blue card 150 European retro pedal, cost-effective, appearance, with a sense of science and technology, intelligent to create a new motorcycle riding fun!

With the change of The Times, people's consumption concept has changed drastically, motorcycle gradually to play, environmental protection fashion, personalized direction of development, large displacement, differentiation of motorcycle ushered in a new window period, but also to some quite individual brand models brought new development opportunities. The series of European style pedal restoring ancient ways is popular in China. The first blue card pedal restoring ancient ways has become the focus of attention of many urban young men and women by virtue of its lightness, high appearance level and high performance.

As an important category of motorcycle, scooter has been regarded as the ultimate pursuit of many riders. The industry is in the development bonus period, and the market is still a blue sea. 2021 is the first year of the differentiation of Chinese motorcycle, but also an important node of the game between enterprises, the major brand models are blooming, competing against each other. At this time, the blue card 150 pedal with very differentiated characteristics is launched at the right time, which will be differentiated from other models in terms of design aesthetics, dynamic performance, scientific and technological comfort and other multi-dimensions, seizing the minds of consumers at one blow and rapidly detonating the market sales boom!

In terms of appearance, the Blue Card 150 has a very high level of appearance in the same category of cars. It follows the European aesthetics of the 1950s, with round headlights, exquisite seat stitching and full arc design, successfully outlining the unique style of the vehicle retro classic. Perfect luxury automotive paint, high strength lightweight forged aluminum alloy side support, comfortable customized wear-resistant PU leather cushion, so that consumers can fully enjoy the ultimate driving experience, while feeling the extraordinary charm of the new retro pedals.


The appearance of this car is not only high-end and atmospheric, but also excellent. The most commendable thing is that it was announced in the 344 batch announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. From this legal "id card" alone, the Blue Card 150 has been far ahead of other similar new products.

In terms of power, The Lanka 150 is equipped with a high-performance water-cooled 150CC engine, equipped with Delphi electronic injection and two-way throttle cable, with a maximum power of 13.9ps and a maximum torque of 10.2 NM. The quality is stable, the power is outstanding, and the performance can be said to be very bright. The front and rear disc brakes are equipped with double channel ABS, and the safe and durable mixed metal sintered brake pads make the whole vehicle brake more stable and effective, and greatly improve the riding safety factor.

Configuration, HIGH-DEFINITION LCD instrument data complete, clearly visible; 304 stainless steel exhaust hood, side support flameout, double flashing warning light; 6L large capacity fuel tank, urban commuting more than enough; High bright LED headlights, so that driving at night more open vision, reduce dead Angle, driving safer; Zhengxin CTS high performance wear-resisting wheel can easily deal with all kinds of complicated road conditions, make the control more smooth and free, fully release the vehicle performance, so that users really enjoy the pleasure of flying proudly.

Newly listed blue card 150 is divided into two versions of youth edition, glory edition, standard edition: 9980 yuan, high edition: 12680 yuan, can say that this price in high-end pedal series restoring ancient ways that is quite close to the people. It is worth mentioning that the high-end version is the application of a new generation of pulse silent start technology, can effectively avoid the energy loss in the vehicle is started, the high efficiency and energy saving at the same time start to reduce noise, such a level of outstanding appearance, populist, powerful price, superior quality retro classic, absolute easily crush at the corresponding levels on the strength of competing goods!

Human nature design respect, also add extra cent for blue card many. Intelligent keyless entry system and intimate dual USB charging interface make cycling more comfortable. Moderate soft and hard cushion, reasonable riding triangle treatment is quite in place, even if riding all day will not appear back pain feeling. The bucket has plenty of storage space, so a vintage helmet is enough. Magic green, sea shell white, jump light orange, carbon copper gray, bravan star blue, mint green, charm red, seven optional colors, perfectly fit the diverse aesthetic needs of young people.

In general, the blue Card 150 vehicle has good handling performance, excellent performance in configuration, power, braking, riding triangle and other aspects. It can be described as a model of both appearance and level performance, and a new benchmark in the retro water cooling field.

Although the blue card listing is very low-key, but does not hinder its "network red" car constitution, and The Braystone has been focused on the scooter personality differentiation brand, has therefore become the focus of hot discussions throughout the network, the brand sound volume continues to amplify, many strength dealers attracted to join.

According to Peter, founder of Braystone brand, at present, the blue card national key market has been in full swing, the market response is strong, the prospect is predictable. This year the company will also launch a number of new pedal models such as Juzhou and Mocha, in order to meet the diversified and personalized travel needs of more consumers. We also look forward to "new retro doctrine + new urban fashion" Braystone can create more popular explosive products, bring us more surprises!