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Here comes another 150ADV pedal model! Appearance level, performance super can play
Release date:2021.09.28

This year's Chongqing Motorcycle Fair, the major brand models can be said to be a hundred flowers bloom, competing douyan, but no matter which you grass, can not erase the "dark horse" nature of locomotives. This year's motorcycle fair, sanye locomotives with highly personalized, fashionable super appearance level explosive new success "out of the circle", was the scene of countless motorcycle friends onlookers!


Fashion, sports, riding fun, three industries lead the new trend of pedal

In the past two years, scooter has gradually developed to the field of individuation and interest, and gradually become a "big toy" that adults are obsessed with and crazy about. At the same time, the fast pace of urban life, also let more and more 90, 00 generation, choose to escape reinforced concrete, away from the city, the pursuit of poetry and distance, feel riding on the motorcycle wind and free and comfortable, and the appearance level and performance coexist ADV cross-country scooter, it has become a great choice for many urban men and women.

Sanye ADV new pedal, with double LED headlight design, avant-garde shape makes the front face look more cool; 7 color LCD instrument information is complete, even in the night driving its obvious backlight illuminance still make the data clearly visible; Multi-level face plate and hale line, showing a kind of sharp, leng yan feeling everywhere, nevertheless, also be this kind of high and cold temperament, making a person produces a kind of intense conquer desire.

Motorcycle fair, the three industry locomotive launched this muscular motion pedal, rich configuration, exudes a full sense of power, a look is a tough guy. 150CC water-cooled engine configuration, although the displacement is not large, but the power is not general, climbing hills, daily travel, riding it is absolutely no problem, even run a mountain are no problem, the strength is quite strong.



Quality appearance level both, hardcore strength detonated

The ADV off-road scooter that 3 course of study locomotive rolls out this appearance level is quite online, overall appearance is tough and generous, have no redundant line. Standard large front windscreen, so that riding more comfortable and comfortable. High elastic shock absorption, let you enjoy the extreme power and avoid the pain of the journey, is both motorcycle ride comfort and hard off-road needs of a good quality car. Speculate not hard from spot hot popularity, pedal bound new "net red" ADV is about to be born!

And this exhibition, in addition to this bright eye ADV cross-country scooter, with its ring jue · shoulder car on display also become another eye attraction. The history of the car has a long history, fashion and retro both of the unique shape, it is easy to pull people's thoughts back to the smoke of the war era, classic reappearance to create a strong sense of The Times picture, attracted many visitors linger and stop, dealers have come forward to negotiate, test ride, the scene is extremely hot.

As a new force in the industry, Sanye locomotive strictly controls the quality control and pursues high-end quality from the beginning of its brand establishment. Its products are super capable and have excellent market reputation. In general, this 150 ADV pedal on display is the sanye set a large number of scientific research and technical strength in a body, carefully created a superhuman appearance, extraordinary performance, high-end atmospheric grade of the off-road pedal boutique, is known as the legendary "land aircraft" in the industry. This exhibition is a harvest of three industries, full of popularity!