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How about a Harley 48?
Release date:2021.10.20

Model overview

As the quintessential American cruiser, the Harley has never been a bargain. Expensive price, very short battery life and not great power performance...... But Harley, of all places, is a pioneer of vintage motorbikes, attracting riders from all over the world. And of all Harley's models, there's one that we can't help but mention, and that's the Forty-eight. What about this "entry" Harley? Can you tell me the owner

In terms of configuration, the heavy 49mm front fork is equipped with a sturdy triangle roll head and front fork stand; Adopt hydraulic rear shock absorber and screw pre-load adjusting device. The wheel hub is made of light cast aluminum. Despite the advanced configuration of keyless activation, halogen headlights are still kept for retro reasons



Model 21 Forty-Eight: RMB 138,800

Model parameters

Engine type: air cooled, V twin cylinder

Actual displacement: 1202cc

Maximum torque: 91Nm/4000rpm

High: 710 mm

Tank capacity: 7.9L

Quality: 252kg

My feedback


1, handsome

2, modification space is large


1, the iron legs

2, hard shock absorption

3. Clutch piece is easy to burn

Are you the owner of a Harley forty-eight?

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