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690cc, 220 horses, 126kg. Tough enough!
Release date:2021.11.11

We now live in an age where riding a motorcycle with more than 200 horsepower is no longer a dream. Still, a 690cc car with 220 horsepower and a dry weight of 126kg still sounds a bit crazy.

Called the Crighton CR700W, it was actually the ultimate evolution of the Norton 588, using a rotor engine unique in motorcycle circles, The engine is the result of a 12-year collaboration between designer Crighton and Rotron Power, a manufacturer specializing in aircraft rotor engines

The 690cc rotor engine of the CR700W, with its 220hp/10500rpm maximum horsepower and 142Nm/9500rpm peak torque, is not an extremely high engine. With just three moving parts, the engine itself weighs just 24kg, and with a six-speed gearbox it weighs 43kg. The total dry weight of the car is 126kg, the equivalent of a MotoGp-powered, Moto3-heavy supercar

The frame is an aluminum alloy modified from NORTON NRV588, and the suspension is optional with Ohlins MotoGP grade or Bitubo shock absorbers. Brake standard Brembo MotoGP calipers of the same grade; Wheel hub Dymag carbon fiber wheel hub


The CR700W also comes at a ferocious price of 85,000 euros, or about 629,000 yuan, and is limited to 25 units

Motorcycles with rotor engines were a flash in the pan in history. As early as 1975, suzuki realized that rotor engines should be the trend of the future and invested a huge amount of money to develop a 497cc single-rotor wankel engine model called RE5, with a maximum power of 46KW (62hp) / 6500rpm. The dry weight of the vehicle is 230kg. It was the best car of its time, competing with the Honda CB750S, Suzuki 750GT and Kawasaki Z1, but failed