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Big pedals on the front face of the sports car, Yamaha 2022 TMAX 560 released!
Release date:2021.11.18

YAMAHA TMAX, the most representative sport large pedal, will launch an upgraded version of TMAX/Tech MAX at the end of 2021 after launching an upgraded version with displacement in 2019.

This change is also being introduced TMAX standard and Tech, MAX two versions, the differences and cash, basically have heated seats, heated hand, cruise control, electric goggles, etc., in addition the car color two color also differ, the standard version to use more energy, car that grabs an eye color is tie-in, Tech MAX version, select the composed brunet

The waist also has 30mm adjustment space; The back seat is lowered by 5mm and the seat cushion is raised by 15mm to reduce the discomfort of a long ride.

Full-color TFT meters were added for the first time, and the Keyless central control system, already available in the TMAX 560, was improved to focus most of its functions on the central switch. The handlebars were made of forged aluminum


While the new TMAX 560 does not improve power output, it does change the YCC-T electronic throttle to a new design with an Angle sensor to make fuel supply more responsive and linear. At the same time, a new design of ten wheel hub is adopted, which successfully reduces the spring weight under the premise of maintaining the same strength as the previous generation -- reducing the rotation inertia of the front wheel by 10% and the rear wheel by 6%

The 2022 TMAX/Tech MAX suspension uses a 41mm inverted front fork with multi-link single gun rear suspension

For the brake part, the front brake uses the front opposite four-piston radiation fixed calipers with 267mm floating disc, and the rear brake is one-way single-piston floating calipers with 282mm fixed disc; Tires are also 15 inches in front and 15 inches in front

The TMAX 560 for the 2022 model is the same as the current model and comes in two versions: the regular version and the TECH MAX version. The TECH MAX version has its own electronic goggles, heating grip and heating cushion functions. The regular version comes in yellow, blue and GREY colors reminiscent of the original TMAX, while the TECH MAX version comes in Dark Petrol and Power GREY colors