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KTM690R owners professional evaluation
Release date:2021.12.16

If it is to open for many years to choose 690R is mostly out of rational consideration, as a novice did not open too much cylinder machine, how much in the mind a little unwilling. Most novices buy their first car as big as possible, with as many cylinders as possible. Many things are useless after using them.

The 690R has many advantages:

First of all, the car is light, for the car is more people can say that the car light is a good to 100 good, driving without pressure, over the continuous curve is very smooth, the control is very good, meet the complex road conditions calmly, this point for the people riding overweight have a deep experience.

Fuel economy, outside running 100 kilometers fuel consumption is only 3.6-3.7. The endurance range is about 300 km (till the light is on).

Multi-purpose, you can think of it as a smaller version of the R1200GS, seat posture and vehicle configuration is biased to off-road, is a biased off-road street car, very suitable for long distance running, absolutely no problem with walking.

Single cylinder machine unique sense of rhythm, this needs to be slightly different from the driving way of other cars, when feeling will drag gear do not reduce but increase the throttle, the next sense of rhythm (not drag gear knock cylinder sound) is very enjoy, of course, the speed is not too low.

There is no need to do cylinder balance, new cars generally do not have this problem, multi-cylinder car after a long time will have increased fuel consumption, speed is not smooth and other problems, many reasons are cylinder imbalance, some will have lack of cylinder phenomenon, and single cylinder machine does not exist these problems.

Finally, high configuration, this self check information. The first feeling of stepping on this car is quite tall, the seat position is a bit like BMW bird. Vibration is good, big single cylinder yao always have some, at least can accept. The torque output of the 690R is very direct, and the power is more powerful after 3600 RPM. 120 Cruising is easy. Pull to 180 in one breath no problem, generally run enough power. Compared with the KAWASAKI 650EN6R, the results were similar and no one was better than the other. I was satisfied with the performance of the same type of dual-cylinder machine as the single-cylinder machine. Besides, the weight of the single cylinder machine is lighter and the volume of the machine is smaller, so the rest can be said to be full of advantages.


The handling of the 690R is quite good, although the power is not as good as my previous TNT899S, but the handling agility is much better than the 899S. The light weight (149.5kg dry weight) is very handy in complicated road conditions. The steering Angle of the faucet is very large, the handlebars are wider than Japanese cars, similar to 899S, but much higher. The wide handlebars are great for handling, and the ride is much more powerful. Although the front single-disc brake is sufficient, brembo M50 callipers 320mm brake disc, but strange is that the brake seems not as hard as KTM200, KTM200 brake seems to be a little too good, a quick hard brake is really worried that it will turn over. Hydraulic clutch and electronic throttle make the control very easy and flexible, especially the electronic throttle, extremely quick and easy reaction, and cable throttle is different.

The ABS of 690R is very sensitive and more sensitive than the old BMW R. I have never tried the new BMW ABS. Tried the warp-tail with the 690R, but failed because the ABS anti-warp-tail function worked. Long press to turn off ABS by pressing the button. After closing ABS, the warpage is very easy, and after landing, the feedback is very good. Anyway, I'm happy with the 690R configuration. The brakes are confident.

In addition, the WP shock absorption of the 690R is worth mentioning. Medium hardness, or adjustable. The absorption of vibration is very good when crossing the pit, and the vibration transmitted to the hands has no uncomfortable feeling, which will make you feel the vibration is very soft. After reduction is also the same, shock absorption generally on the 3 words "very comfortable".

This car also has the inadequacy, low turn can not say not enough, always feel more hot I will like, in fact, this car is suitable for driving very wild rider to open, a lot of throttle to feel the fun.