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Frequent traffic jams, will motorcycles return to the public view?
Release date:2022.05.26

Yesterday I saw a post, the traffic jam to work originally 40 minutes by car, walked nearly two hours! With so much traffic in the city, will motorcycles make a comeback?

Motorcycle, a vehicle with two wheels and an engine, came into view in the 1980s. After many manufacturers enjoyed the bonus period for more than 20 years, it finally reached its peak at the beginning of the twentieth century and became a means of transportation for every household. Subsequently, due to a variety of factors such as motorcycle restrictions, motorcycle sales are not small impact.

Once had representative domestic motorcycle, are guangzhou tianma, Sichuan Jialing, Luoyang Dayang, Chongqing construction, Zhuhai Pearl River. The foreign brands are Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

At that time, for ordinary people, these brands of motorcycle prices or acceptable. However, high-end brands such as Kawasaki, BMW and Harley seem a bit luxurious to ordinary people.

Nowadays, the popularity of cars brings us convenience at the same time, there are some inconveniences of their own.


With the centralization of urban population, the congestion of urban roads becomes more and more serious. It's not uncommon to find yourself in a situation where you have to commute one or even two hours in a traffic jam, even within a radius of a dozen kilometers. The traffic was so bad that I wanted to leave my car on the side of the road and walk home, or walk to work.

The strain on urban parking Spaces. Sometimes it only takes 40 minutes to go shopping in the supermarket, but it takes 20 minutes to queue into the parking lot of many large supermarkets. Also, most parking lots now pay for parking. If you want to take a chance and park in a random place, that's fine, but it depends on your luck. If you're unlucky, it's 200 yuan for one sticker. Last year I got a $200 lesson for not parking at the sign line, not to mention parking everywhere.

Of course, in daily life, short distance travel, we often prefer to ride electric vehicles or motorcycles, buttocks a tilt, a key plug, said to go.

If it is a short distance of 50 or 60 kilometers, electric vehicles or do not worry, but more than 70 kilometers, you have to consider the electric vehicle range problem. A portable electric car with a 60V lithium battery can run 70 kilometers in theory, but only 40 or 50 kilometers in fact. If you have a 72V lithium battery, the manufacturer says it can go 100 kilometers on a single charge, but it actually only goes about 80 kilometers. After a year or two, as lithium-ion batteries deteriorate, so does their range.

From these aspects, the advantages of motorcycles appear. You can go hundreds of miles on a single tank of gas, and have more options, whether you're looking for a parking space or stuck in traffic.

In fact, I prefer pedal, prince, three cross son these three models. Street cars have the handling of sports cars and are suitable for both street riding and remote country road riding. Some designs will also tend to sport style, are more practical models.

Pedal is the most frequently seen model in the city, its simple operation, riding comfort, flexibility is very popular with the public. From the structure and displacement of different, and will be divided into large, medium-sized and small scooter. However, remote and poor road conditions in the area, this kind of car is not suitable

The characteristics of prince motorcycle is personality domineer, riding up will be more comfortable, suitable for long-distance driving. According to the body structure can be divided into compact prince, American cruise prince, Harley prince and other models.

As for the three-span, flexibility and comfort are not as good as pedal and prince. But it's better suited to extreme travel with potholes. What makes it unique is that it has an extra passenger seat, a very stylish look, and a very historical feel.

Nowadays, traffic jams are common in many big cities, and one-hour commutes often multiply. Do you think, with all the traffic jams everywhere, that motorcycles will be back in the future? Will gas-powered motorcycles really be replaced by electric scooters? In any case, for the individual, the motorcycle is still true love, especially the perfect sound is irreplaceable.