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The two cheapest four-cylinder motorcycles available in China
Release date:2022.05.31

The pursuit of four cylinder car for the domestic motorcycle of the time has long been, but for the motorcycle friends now, can choose a lot of models, if you consider the price problem can choose some domestic four cylinder car, such as Qianjiang Huanglong 600 series, four cylinder car series, there are some other upcoming on the market four cylinder models; If you want to buy an imported big trade four cylinder model, which is more cost-effective?

For the pursuit of four-cylinder cars, whether in the past or in the future now, are affecting the heart of many motorcycle friends, imported four-cylinder models are generally more expensive than domestic production, but the quality of foreign models may also be more excellent, after all, a price a goods. Now domestic buy cheap four cylinder car than the origin of expensive, plus a few transport costs, such as the general price will not be too low.

But for foreign brands of four-cylinder motorcycles, do not talk about the price of words or a lot of choices, such as BMW S1000, Kawasaki H2/Z900RS and other models, the price of these models is also high. So for the domestic part of the pursuit of imports of large car mo friends, what kind of four-cylinder car is cheaper?

Now, domestic four-cylinder cars are rising, and imported cars have begun to become popular, and fun-type motorcycles will become the benchmark in the future. Although domestic motorcycles have made progress in recent years, the range of imported cars is also expanding.

The two cheapest four-cylinder cars currently available in China are kawasaki's Z900 and Honda's CB650F, both Imported models of Japanese brands that also have production bases in Southeast Asia. The charm of the four-cylinder car lies not only in its thick engine lines and mechanical design, but also in power performance and sound waves.


Although these two import big trade four cylinder motorcycle displacement is different, but the price is basically in the same level.

Kawasaki Z900 guide price: 107,900 yuan

The kawasaki four-cylinder has a larger engine parameter than the 900CC on the model, with an actual displacement of 948CC, which is comparable to the quasi litre class and almost adequate power performance. A litre street car can not only bring power output and appearance satisfaction, its cost performance is also worth considering.

In addition, Kawasaki features snake face design and its color matching are more trend, very in line with young people's aesthetic, relatively high configuration, with front and back ABS brake system and new LED lighting plus TFT LCD instrument design, these selling points are quite attractive.

Honda CB650F guide price: 94,700 yuan

This earlier a few years into the domestic Honda trade car, the characteristics of the four-cylinder car is also a very important node. It has a strong ride stability at high speed and becomes more stable with the increase of displacement. Although the displacement of this CB650F is not as good as kawasaki Z900, it performs very well in low and medium speed driving.

At present, these two cars can be domestic to buy a relatively cheap four cylinder motorcycle. Although its displacement is different, the power output is different, but the displacement is only influential to some motorcycle friends, the two cars are more competitive in appearance and model positioning. Choose from the brand effect and design analysis, according to their own needs to buy.