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New motorcycle friends don't know how to choose a motorcycle? After looking at this picture, you will know the characteristics of each brand
Release date:2022.06.23

Although many areas in Our country have implemented a ban on motorcycle, but there are still a lot of people very like motorcycles, and now the motorcycle is not simply a means of transport, it is because of this, the market for sale of many motorcycle brands, so that many consumers cross the eye. What are the characteristics and labels of different brands? Take a look at this image, which has been widely circulated on the Internet, to give you an instant idea of the characteristics of these brands and choose the best car for you.


There are a lot of sexy women in this picture, because it's ranked in terms of fun and passion to drive, and that's roughly the order of the motorcycle brands. It's not 100% accurate, but it's close to the mark. As can be seen, Honda, the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, actually ranks the third from the bottom, but this is not surprising, because Honda's products are relatively balanced in all aspects, so it is not that strong in terms of playability, but it has no weakness.


In the Japanese brand, Kawasaki is really no one, this brand has been to challenge the peak performance, so in this ranking, Kawasaki ranked the first in the Japanese brand. Yamaha and Suzuki have their own idiosyncs.Suzuki tried to challenge Honda for supremacy, but failed because the rotor engine of the time could not overcome its shortcomings. And the seemingly fresh Yamaha also has a turbulent heart.

If you want to say crazy and extreme words, yamaha R1 in the Japanese public upgrade supercar is also the best, even kawasaki so obsessed with performance brand, also recognized the strength of this car. Topping the list is KTM, a brand that has long been obsessed with extreme power and handling, especially one of the most powerful streetcars, the KUKE1290, which can only be defined as being mad or not living.

In fact, The Italian sanjie is not a losing role, in order to pursue the ultimate can be said to do everything in its extreme, the lightweight design of the vehicle also makes the power performance is very exciting. Ducati, on the other hand, is more accessible. His product line is more complete and available all over the world. Augusta was so aristocratic that they didn't even know how to make a cheap car.

BMW motorcycle's control and durability are outstanding among European brands. High-end and extreme products can also be found in BMW's product power. In order to better reflect the control, BMW even uses carbon fiber main frame at all costs. On top of that, Harley is also in the picture, and the brand isn't exactly good at fun and passion. Do you know the features and labels of these motorcycle brands from this picture?