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Auto parts knowledge of ten different auto parts
Release date:2019.05.30

At present, there are a wide range of accessories on the market. Today, sungo will talk to everyone about the accessories, their quality and price differences, and how we should choose the right accessories?

一、 the original factory accessories


The original factory parts are the accessories provided by the main engine factory, which is simply the goods supplied by 4S stores. Such as the above is the original factory parts of Volvo, and the brand logo of Volvo can be clearly seen on the accessories. It is important to know that some main engine plants will provide accessories through external channels, while some main engine plants do not.

Use: all kinds of accessories can choose the original factory, as long as you have money.

Advantages: quality is guaranteed, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, sound practical.

Disadvantage: the price is expensive. The ordering cycle of other categories is long, except common items.

二,、is the factory accessories


What is the factory accessories? For example, the oil filter in the picture above is the original accessory of Benz, but it is actually produced by MANN brand, and the logo of Benz and the logo of MANN brand can be seen. This is the main engine factory does not produce this kind of accessories, but other manufacturers OEM. The quality will be fine.

Use: want low price and want to feel free to use, then choose this kind of accessories.

Advantage: lower than the original factory parts, quality assurance is guaranteed.

Disadvantages: most customers have not heard of this kind of accessories.

三、Brand accessories


Brand accessories are specialized in the production of auto parts manufacturers. Bosch, for example, makes a lot of accessories. They're basically sold separately. General repair shop with this kind of accessories, the quality of big brands is also quite good. Maintenance words can be considered, such as Bosch basic everything, filter element man brand, brake pad philodo, battery model valta, spark plug NGK and so on.

Use: all kinds of maintenance parts, filter element battery brake disc and other choice brand parts are very good.

Advantage: the price is lower than the factory, adequate supply, with more people, generally have quality assurance.

Disadvantages: there are many brands, difficult to choose, and the price varies.

四、Accessories of auxiliary factory


Accessory factory parts, are generally small manufacturers of accessories, the basic industrial and commercial registration and industry licensing. There is no manufacturer's logo on the accessories, and the after-sales system is independent. Small make up do not recommend the use of minor parts of the factory.

Use: the first choice of irrelevant accessories, such as front mesh grille, file handle cover, etc.

Advantage: low price, better than refurbishment.

Disadvantages: quality is not guaranteed.



It can be understood that the difference between the accessories produced by the manufacturer providing accessories for the main machine factory and those produced by the original factory is that generally such accessories do not carry logo or packaging, but the quality is the same as that of the original factory.

Use: auto repairman choice of accessories, general repair water pump, water tank this kind of choice will be more.

Advantage: the price is lower than the factory, higher than the brand.

Disadvantages: low credibility, generally only repair their own cars will take this kind of accessories.

六、refurbishment accessories


This is easy to understand, that is, old parts are refurbished, and this kind of parts are refurbished and sold again. It's a fake, it's against the law, but when you sell it, very few people will tell you that it's a refurbished piece. This is greedy small cheap suffer great losses, generally is very expensive very little accessories to refurbish. It is safe to say that cheap or street-wide accessories will not be refurbished. Take shi to talk about, refurbishment pieces now some four S is also in use, are official turn, also have quality assurance.

Use: such as changing the cylinder, large car brand small parts (not main parts) with refurbishment parts is a good choice.

Advantage: the price is extremely low, the general repair car is more expensive than selling cars will choose this kind of accessories.

Disadvantages: few people ask for this kind of accessories. Quality is not guaranteed.

七、offline accessories


To put it simply, a car manufacturer is ready to produce 10,000 cars, but if it has 12,000 spare parts, how to deal with the extra 2,000, it has to find a way to sell them. The quality of these accessories is the same as that of the original factory. This kind of accessory you do not have a way to be unable to find, and found it is not always broken accessories. With luck, the price is low.

Use: depends on the accessories to catch the fault.

Advantage: the price is low, but the quality is the same as the original factory.

Disadvantage: no way to find this kind of accessories, especially difficult to find.

八、High imitation accessories


These accessories are produced by small manufacturers, some of which do not have business licenses. The accessories are 1:1 high imitation of other brands. It is suggested not to use this kind of accessories for the core parts of cars, and other parts are ok.

Usage: it is ok to use some accessories that do not touch the edge, such as the end letter paste, chrome decorative strip, etc.

Advantage: ridiculously low price.

Disadvantages: few people use it, especially inferior quality.

九、dismantle car accessories


Dismantle a wide range of car parts, all down to sell are called dismantle a car. For example :1, the accident of the car down, front crashed, behind the door or good, down to sell. 2. As for scrapped cars, speakers are of big brands and sold by dismantling. 3, the new car to change a hub, the replacement of the hub? Tear it down and sell it. In fact, everyone in the accessories industry is quite good faith, when you buy accessories will tell you that this is a car parts, generally a car parts are the original factory car. It's rare to repair a car and then take it down. These parts are much better than retrofitting parts.

Use: such as wheel hub, bumper, seat and so on with the disassembly parts is no problem, some repair accessories can also be used, basically are new.

Advantage: accessories easy to find, accessories are very good faith tell you what is the car down.

Disadvantages: the price is high and low. It's not nice to say and it's hard for a novice to accept.

十、 modification accessories


Refit accessories are generally used for refit, repair car also useful, such as the brake disc should be changed, as direct refit, for a set of multi-piston brake pump, drilling disc. Unless big changes, or like the brake master pump is basically not changed. Modification parts are also old and new, old is also a kind of car parts. Not the original factory is the best, there is a kind of modified parts.

Use: as long as you can see where can be modified, can not see the modification.

Advantages: good-looking, fun, and expensive.

Disadvantage: variety many novice do not enter, the price is expensive.

Original factory parts are recommended for maintenance of core components, such as engines. Small maintenance with brand, factory is enough, that you use matching. Do not affect the safety of accessories can be used by the auxiliary factory, renovation, high imitation of accessories. Have channel that use off the line, dismantle a car, rich still pursue individual character, that reasonable refit!