market dynamics
Learn for speed and gallop to your heart's content
Release date:2019.06.14


Motorcycle is not only a means of transport, but also the soul of sustenance, symbolizing "freedom", do not look at a small motorcycle, but the five organs and all, the whole motorcycle are taken apart, various accessories dazzling people. To understand the motorcycle, we need to learn the common professional terms of the accessories industry first, to know ourselves and know each other to plan masterly, better drive the motorcycle, enjoy the speed.

1、Vehicle classification


Beam car: cub

Scooter: scooter, moped scooter

Dirt bike: dirt bike


Farmer's cart: UTV

Go-kart: Go kart

Pocket bike: pocket bike


2、Accessory steering &Control system

Front fork: front fork

A: handle, handle handle

Connecting plate: connecting plate and connection board

Instrument: odometer, instrument

Switch, switch assy.

Lamps and lanterns: lamps, light

Shock, shock absorber, suspension, absorber, shock absorber

Brake system: brake system

Disc brake assembly


3、Electric parts

Electric coil, ignition coil

Relay relay

The rectifier rectifier

Flash the flasher

Set of lock key set

Trumpet horn


4、Power part

Lever ejector: CG engine

Chain engine: CB engine

Horizontal engine: Horizontal engine, C series engine, cub engine.

GY6 engine: GY6 engine

Air-cooled engine: air - cooled engine

Water-cooled engine: water - cooled engine

Two-stroke engine: 2-stroke engine

Four stroke engine: 4-stroke engine

Stroke: the stroke

Cylinder head: cylinder head

Cylinder body: cylinder body

Cylinder assembly: cylinder assy.

Piston, piston

Piston rings: piston rings

Valve: the valve

: crankshaft crankshaft

Camshaf: camshaf


Rocker, rock arm

Start motor: start motor

Magneto: magneto

Magneto stator, the stator

Rotor of magneto: rotor

Carburetor: carburetor, carb

Box: a case

Gear, gear

Main shaft

Counter shaft

Clutch: clutch.

Clutch disc: the clutch disc

Foot starter: kick starter

6. Off-clutch: starter clutch

Driving wheel: driving wheel

Driven wheel: driven wheel

Sprocket: sprocket

Xiao fei: front sprocket

Rear sprocket

Oil pump

5、Car body parts

Plastic parts

Wind shield

Hold the main stand

Rear flat fork fork

Cushion as

Tank arg, tank

The silencer muffler

Pedal footrest

Hold the main stand

Foot side stand

Fender fender

Rim wheel rim

Wheel hub, wheel hub

Shaft axle

The spokes spoke


6、Wearing parts

The batteries'

Belt belt

Tires in tyre, tire

Inner tube

Spark plug

Light bulbs

Bearing bearing

Paper pad gasket

Oil seal oil seal

The chain chain

O-ring O - ring

Standard parts

Oil filter

Inlet pipe intake

Air filter

Air filter elements

Disc brake pad

Brake shoe shoe

Reflectors reflector

Screw screw

Gasket washer


7、Technology & process

Spray painting

Chrome plated chrome

Aluminum alloy

Technology system

CNC lathe: CNC

Engineering plastics: ABS


8、Accessories accessories

Attachment accessory

Racing clothes

Racing trousers

Masks, protective utensils

Eye-guarder glasses

Rear view mirror

Spring Spring

Rear box

Helmet helmet

Raincoat water - proof tshirt

Disc brake lock

Glove glove

Toolbag, tool kit