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The cause and harm of emulsification of pedal motorcycle gear oil
Release date:2023.03.16

Only scooters have reduction gear box, gear box must have gear oil, and gear oil to be replaced regularly, otherwise it will harm the gear and bearing in the motorcycle reduction box.

We have encountered a scooter, because there is no regular replacement of gear oil resulting in the gearbox inside the 4 bearings are broken. The reason for the failure is that the gear oil is seriously emulsified, and the long-term placement in winter does not ride, resulting in the bearing rust and clearance, and the motorcycle rides to about 60 yards and the vehicle has serious resonance. Visible pedal motorcycle gear oil should also cause enough attention, gear oil emulsification there are three reasons:

One is the loss of the equilibrium pressure tube. The reduction gear box of the scooter is a closed box, because the engine is working, the machine temperature changes, the air in the box will produce thermal expansion and cold contraction, so, after the gear box there is a balance pressure tube connected to the atmosphere, can balance the pressure in the gear box, the tube is connected to the gear box, the other end is fixed on the air filter, The purpose is to prevent rain and other moisture into the gear box, resulting in emulsification of gear oil. But if the pipe falls off, broken skin and other reasons, there will be water into the gear box resulting in oil emulsification.

Two is wading riding, the south early summer rainy season, many cities are easy to produce waterlogging, pedal motorcycle wading, no matter how tightly closed gearbox will be emulsified, because the water may overflow the air filter guide into the wheel box, so wading motorcycle must go to the maintenance station inspection.

Three is not to change gear oil for a long time, it will also lead to emulsification of gear oil, after all, gear box or connected to the atmosphere, there is some water in the air, after several rounds of spring, summer, autumn and winter, gear box will naturally condense some water, resulting in emulsification of gear oil. Frequent car washing is also easy to lead to emulsification of gear oil.

After the emulsification of gear oil, the lubrication function will decline. The emulsified gear oil will contact with the gear and bearing in the gear box for a long time, which will lead to the rust of the gear and bearing, so that the motorcycle will produce abnormal noise during the driving process, and the serious will lead to the bearing falling off and the scrap of the rear reduction box. Therefore, we should regularly replace the scooter gear oil, generally every 5000 kilometers for a change. If emulsification is found in the replacement of gear oil, it is necessary to check whether the balance pressure tube is broken, falling off and other phenomena, but also to check whether the oil seal of the gear box leaks oil, to prevent the emulsification of gear oil to bring more damage to the gear box.

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