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Motorcycle engine spontaneous combustion, the original is a problem here!
Release date:2023.05.04

When a motorcycle spontaneously ignites, it becomes unrecognizable in a flash, and people are often caught off guard. Even if the rescue is timely, the motorcycle paint, cover plate, seat cushion, cable will be burned black and blue; If the rescue is not timely, in the blink of an eye, the whole car will be ashes, terrible to see. What is more unfortunate is that burning a car on the road brings great harm to personal safety. Motorcycle spontaneous combustion, the main reason is that electrical joints, wires jump fire by themselves, the high temperature ignited flammable paint, gasoline or flammable products. Therefore, electric leakage or iron jump fire is the key, and it is particularly important to reduce fuel leakage.

1, high voltage ignition leakage fire.

When the engine is working, the temperature of the ignition coil is very high, so that the foreskin of the high-voltage ignition wire is softened, aging and cracked, and the ignition high-voltage piezoelectric is easy to penetrate the foreskin (cracked) and the parts of the car body (the iron). The jumping fire is in contact with the paint of the frame tank and the leaking gasoline of the carburetor, resulting in ignition and combustion. Spark plug cap due to high temperature also often have cracks, seal is not good, if there is dirt, stolen goods, it is easy to produce high voltage leakage fire, coupled with the cylinder head temperature is high, there is oil, the most easy to catch fire.

2, electrical appliances, switches, wire break fire

All electrical appliances, switches, wires as far as possible is the low-voltage point, but as long as there is a break, poor contact, wire damage, it is possible to take the iron and jump fire. Common faults are: cable and frame, clamp between the vibration friction "broken skin"; Headlights, ignition switches and many other switch wires due to the steering device, the direction of the movement of friction, vibration and break, poor contact, broken skin; Taillight, brake light wire due to the rear, fender movement impact, friction and produce "broken skin"; Lamp base installation due to vibration, connector damage and insulation loose, damage will be in the motorcycle driving or parking and for a long time jump, high temperature, causing electrical appliances, switches, wire insulation (or foreskin) damage, and then increase the jump range, expand the high temperature area, and finally lead to paint, leakage of gasoline, flammable materials and other contact and fire.

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3, electrical failure short circuit

Common rear brake lamp due to contact sintering failure, use a long time to take the iron, resulting in large current through the wire and burn insulation, causing a large area of leakage, high temperature caused by paint, oil leakage and other flammable materials fire. The key measures to prevent the occurrence of faults such as electric leakage and fire jumping are as follows:

(1) Often check whether ignition switch, battery, starting relay, motor, fuse and other electrical parts with large current terminals, wire connection, insulation and so on are reliable, timely correct the unreliable situation. Large capacity fuse or copper wire is strictly prohibited.

(2) Often check the motion parts, frame, oil tank, carburetor, do point and other paint parts, oil leakage parts, inflammable materials around the wire, plug joint, switch parts, wire clip and so on whether there is "broken skin", poor contact, timely correct may take the bad state of iron.

(3) Regularly check whether there is damage to the insulation wrapper of the main cable and the branch wire, add insulation tape in time, pay special attention to the wire clip shall not have sharp, sharp raw edge, fixed tightening should be appropriate, not too tight, damage the insulation wrapper.

(4) Regularly check whether the connectors (or connectors) of electrical appliances, switches, lamp holders and brake lamp switches are loose or fall off; Whether the wire has crossed lines or broken skin phenomenon, timely repair and maintenance.

Two, the leakage of fuel, the leakage of gasoline is the most terrible fuel, to prevent fuel leakage is very important.

1. Oil leakage in the tank

The seal of the tank cap is very important, especially in hot climates where large amounts of gasoline steam can leak, especially when the tank is full of oil.

Check whether there is leakage at the oil tank switch, replace the gasket, and tighten the oil tank switch or filter cup to the required torque.

2. Oil leakage from carburetor

When the oil inlet needle valve is not closed tightly, or the oil level of the flower oil float chamber is too high, in the state of vibration, it will cause the carburetor oil flow line.

Carburetor float chamber gasket broken, or loose screws, will cause oil leakage in the float chamber.

In high temperature climate, gasoline in carburetor float room will also be gasified and leaked.

3, shut down abuse of acceleration pump caused by leakage

If the acceleration pump is abused in the shutdown state, a lot of gasoline will be injected into the carburetor pipe and the intake pipe, and the gasoline will quickly vaporize and leak out in the high temperature climate.

The carburetor in the shutdown state, the gasoline in the pipe after vaporization are all through the float chamber vent pipe, air filter or hose joint (there is a state of leakage) at the leakage to the frame, cushion and other space, in this area if the iron jump fire, immediately can spontaneously ignite fire.

Three, improper parking position, should pay attention to the motorcycle parking position, if the "combustion environment" is good, and there is a jump iron fire, the most likely motorcycle spontaneous combustion fire.

1. High temperature climate

Hot summer, temporary parking on the roadside, motorcycle exposure in the hot sun, gasoline steam leakage more, if a place to take iron jump fire, is "a little on".

2, closed without ventilation

Motorcycle parked in a small closed room without ventilation, especially boiler room, power distribution room, storage room, if the temperature is too high, accelerate the volatilization of gasoline, the formation of "flammable gas" in a closed space, such as an electrical appliance, wire appears to take iron fire or other sources of fire, it will burn undoubtedly. After the motorcycle is turned off, the ignition switch and the fuel tank switch are cut off first, and the motorcycle is parked in a ventilated and cool place. After being completely cooled, it is pushed into the "garage".

Often clean motorcycles, commonly used meters to check electrical appliances, switches, wires whether there is leakage phenomenon, strengthen gasoline (including gasoline steam) leakage inspection. Timely elimination of "leakage", "oil leakage", "air leakage" and other failures, replacement of bad parts, to ensure the safety of motorcycle circuit and oil circuit, away from the "fire source" or "combustion environment", then the possibility of motorcycle self-combustion car will eliminate itself.

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