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Quality is the main reason, the analysis of spontaneous combustion accident of motorcycle in summer.
Release date:2023.06.25

Today I will tell you about the causes of spontaneous combustion of motorcycles. In fact, we should note that there are two types of motorcycles that generally occur spontaneous combustion, one is a poor quality hybrid car, and the other is a motorcycle that has been modified to the motorcycle circuit system.

In the past, when I identified the quality of a motorcycle, I always liked to see the pipeline layout of the motorcycle, in fact, the main purpose of the pipeline layout is not to look good, but to safety, quality control of the motorcycle, the direction of the pipeline is fixed, including the fixed and card position of the pipeline, and even the anti-aging ability of the pipeline has certain requirements. Because the motorcycle is not fixed in the process of use, the line is easy to friction with the body or other components, and over time it will break the skin and short circuit. Just broken skin short circuit is not necessarily fire, just smoke, afraid of fear of vehicle oil leakage, it is equivalent to a lighter, a point on.


There are also some motorcycles on the circuit excessive installation and modification, resulting in line failure or electrical overload short circuit, such as motorcycles installed with inferior GPS anti-theft device will occur short circuit phenomenon. If there is gasoline or oil leakage at this time, it is dangerous.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of cost performance when buying a motorcycle, and the wrong is wrong in the absence of quality assurance, the pursuit of cost performance, then you should be careful. It has to look good, it has to be cheap, and it has to have a large displacement, so do you think that the quality of this car is guaranteed? Usually urgent always drop the chain is just, the key back to you the whole of a fire, and then frighten you motorcycle dare not ride, because you may think that all motorcycles will spontaneously ignite, in fact, the culprit of igniting your motorcycle is that you do not look at the quality of cheap psychology!

Therefore, buy a motorcycle with better quality control and regular maintenance can basically ensure that your motorcycle will not occur spontaneous combustion!

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