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Motorcycle fuel pump fault analysis!
Release date:2023.08.02


The four most common failures of fuel pumps:

The first is burnt out, the fuel pump will not work directly after burning out, the motorcycle must not start, the identification method is to open the electric door lock, you can hear the sound of the oil pump work, if you can not hear, it may be the oil pump is broken.

The second is that the pressure of the oil pump is insufficient, because the quality of the fuel pump or the long-term addition of inferior oil and other reasons, resulting in the aging of the fuel pump motor, insufficient oil supply pressure, it will produce normal idle speed and the phenomenon of the fuel door.

The third is the oil pump check valve oil leakage, there is a check valve in the oil pump, which is the role of pressurizing the oil circuit, if the check valve leaks gasoline, as long as the motorcycle stops for a period of time, the pressure inside the oil circuit will leak, such a motorcycle failure phenomenon is difficult to start, when you play for a long time, the motorcycle can start, once started, and can work normally. In this phenomenon, when you are cold, first open the motorcycle electric door lock, and so on, after the oil pump stops working sound, turn off the electric door lock, and then re-open, repeat four or five times, the motorcycle can start normally, and go to the maintenance station to replace the oil pump after starting.

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Fourth, the filter of the oil pump is blocked, as long as your motorcycle maintains the oil of the regular fuel station, and then the filter of the oil pump is cleaned once every 30,000 kilometers, your oil pump can be used until the motorcycle is broken, but if the inferior gasoline is added or there is too much sediment in the tank, then your filter is likely to be blocked, and the performance of the motorcycle after the blockage is very similar to that of the insufficient oil supply pressure of the oil pump. If the blockage is serious, it will directly cause the oil pump to burn out.

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