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What is dynamic balance? Do motorcycle tires need to be balanced?
Release date:2023.09.07

The author found that many car shop masters and motorcycle friends only install the tire on the wheel hub after the direct use. Will not balance the machine to do some dynamic balance test, on the one hand, because the motorcycle friends do not have this awareness did not ask the car master, on the other hand, the car has no equipment, the whole is relatively simple, can not do dynamic balance. So what is dynamic balance? Do motorcycle tires need to be balanced?

What is dynamic balance?

Motorcycle wheel parts by the hub, tires and other components, due to the loss of parts, tire loss state change and other reasons, will lead to the overall weight of the wheel can not reach the balance. In fact, there will be weight imbalance in the manufacture of tires and wheels, this imbalance is not obvious at low speed, but during high speed it will lead to wheel shaking and direction vibration. In order to avoid this situation, we need to add lead on the wheel hub to adjust the wheel weight, and find balance on the rolling wheel is dynamic balance.

Do motorcycle tires need to be balanced?

Dynamic balance is generally more common on the car, many owners have an accident or hit the curb, the first reaction is to do dynamic balance test. In fact, motorcycles also need to do dynamic balance test, dynamic balance is the problem that most motorcycle friends ignore, many motorcycle friends think that they do not need to do fast riding. We are more concerned about the tire pattern, tire pressure, wear degree and so on.

Generally do not do the dynamic balance of the car, when driving at high speed will feel the body flapping, serious rear wheels will shake, turning will also sideswipe, motorcycle tires in the process of driving will continue to sudden acceleration and braking cycle, resulting in uneven tire wear.

The harm of not doing dynamic balance:

When the vehicle is driving at high speed, it will produce severe vibration, and the seismic power generated by the tire contact with the ground will be passed to the driver through the shock absorption, and the various parts of the body will be transmitted to the driver. Frequent vibration will lead to the loss and relaxation of the suspension system and bearings, affect the life of the parts, and even cause the fracture of the wheel.

For the imported public upgrade sports car, the speed can reach 299km/h or more, if there is no dynamic balance support, high-speed shaking is obvious, affecting the driving control, the body flapping, the tire in the case of circular will lead to tire inside and outside wear different, there is our so-called "nibbling" phenomenon, when the turn will also sideway, and finally there will be unexpected accidents. But if you paste some lead in the hub, although only a few grams, ten grams of weight, but it can avoid these dangers.

Why didn't the road motorcycle do dynamic balancing?

The so-called channel motorcycle is a motorcycle with a displacement below 150 and a design speed of 100KM/H, as if the owner did not do dynamic balance when changing the tire. In fact, it is not not to do, but in the design speed, as long as the regular tire, basically can make the tire weight deviation is not large, so, you see as long as the original tire, there is generally a yellow circle mark on the side of the tire, this is the tire standard assembly, is to make this mark aligned with the valve, which is actually a counterweight balance installation, And some small repair shops are not using factory tires, and there is no counterweight installation, so it will produce a strong vibration after riding 60KM/H, which is also the performance of tires that do not do dynamic balance. Although this type of car can not do dynamic balance, but the premise is to replace the factory tires, strictly install the tires according to the requirements, basically can achieve the dynamic balance effect.

Note on dynamic balance:

Generally do dynamic balance need to pay attention to several points:

1, use new tires to do dynamic balance, preferably tires with low flat rate.

2, do not change the old tire after balance, do not hit the curb.

3, the motorcycle dynamic balance test is only applicable to tires equipped with alloy wheels.

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