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How to maintain motorcycle electroplating parts? What if it rusts?
Release date:2023.09.14

Motorcycles are made up of various parts, large and small,

Electroplated parts are one of the important components,

Like handlebars, fenders, rimes, exhaust pipes, etc.,

A lot of them are electroplated parts,

If you don't take care of it,

There could be rust and corrosion,

It makes the car a mess,

Especially some imported cars,

You might not get many parts to replace it,

Pay more attention to the maintenance of electroplating parts!


Understand motorcycle electroplating parts

Electroplated parts are also known as electroplating, and the classification and characteristics of electroplating are mainly: electroplating can be divided into three categories: protective, decorative and functional according to the use of function.

1, protective coating: As the name suggests, this coating is used to prevent the corrosion of products and parts, in the motorcycle production process commonly used galvanized layer to protect the main parts of steel.

2, protective - decorative coating: This coating is the most widely used in the motorcycle production process, the processing process is more complex than the protective coating, at least two layers of plating, and some more. Such as motorcycle fender, rim, corner handlebars, exhaust pipe, etc.; In addition to good appearance, this coating can also play a role in preventing the main parts from rusting.

3, functional coating: This coating is usually applied to the friction surface of shaft parts, engine cylinders and piston rings, generally by chromium plating method to increase the wear resistance of the main parts.

4, other coating: When producing tires, in order to increase the adhesion between steel wire and rubber during hot pressing, the general method is to plate copper zinc alloy on the steel wire. Due to different uses, the metal plating is also different, commonly used metals are zinc, copper, silver, lead, chromium, nickel, black chromium, black nickel and so on.

Protective measures for motorcycle electroplating parts

Electroplating Most corrosive solutions are stable in organic acids and can maintain luster for a long time.

However, the following situations will cause the plating to be corroded, and it is necessary to pay attention and take measures to protect it.

1, should prevent contact with salt, hydrochloric acid, bittern and other substances. Because the coating is easily soluble in the above substances, it is necessary to avoid contact with 84 disinfectant, bleaching powder, toilet cleaning and other substances.

2, motorcycles should not be stored in a place with gas, briquettes, and coal smoke. This is because carbon monoxide (CO) will cause the coating to produce gray-black network cracks and rust.

3, pay attention to the method of wiping. Usually in a week only need to wipe the motorcycle electroplating once neutral oil, such as sewing machine oil. Note that the dirt should be wiped with a soft cloth each time the oil is rubbed; After driving in rainy days, clean the dirt with clean water first; Then wipe with a soft cloth, and finally wipe with oil. Do not touch the oil on the paint and tire when rubbing, to prevent paint loss and tire aging. If there is water mist inside the meter and other coatings, it should be dried with a hair dryer and then wiped.

4. Pay more attention to the galvanized surface on the strip. Due to the formation of a dark gray basic zinc carbonate film on its surface, it can effectively prevent the internal metal from being corroded, so pay attention to not having to wipe the dark gray galvanized surface clean and polish, you can wipe some neutral oil to protect it.

5. Wipe the plastic electroplating parts. Can only be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in water (warm water), can not be wiped with oil, because it will destroy the coating of plastic electroplating parts.

6, for the exhaust pipe, fender, rim such plating parts, can not use wire brush dirt. Because the wire of the wire brush will chafe the surface of the coating. Use clean water to loosen the dirt and dirt and then wipe it according to the above method. If the bubble is really not loose, use a wooden rod to gently descaling.

Treatment of rust in electroplated parts of motorcycles

Motorcycle electroplating parts (chrome or galvanized), if due to wear and erosion by water and gas, will rust to varying degrees, serious rust, with the general method is difficult to remove it, both affecting the appearance and damage parts.

But it is not impossible, there are also non-corrosive coating and good rust removal methods, but it may be troublesome, the general motorcycle friend may be more difficult to solve, if you are interested, you can also try it yourself.

Method one

First, put ammonium acetate into the same amount of clean water, to be fully dissolved after heating to about 70cC; Scrub the rusty parts with a soft cloth dipped in the solution until the rust disappears; Then it is used to wipe the residual solution off the cloth, and the electroplated part is bright as before.

Small parts can also be soaked in the solution for a while and dried after removal to achieve the same effect. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth dipped in a little oil.

After the above treatment, the electroplated parts can not only restore the original luster, but also remain unchanged for a long time.

For parts that rust due to the coating falling off, this method can also remove rust spots, but will not appear the unique luster of the plating surface.

Method 2

There is also a simple way, is to buy some decals, their own pasted on the rusty place, perhaps can make the car become extra personality cool also maybe!

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