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Suzuki GSX-8S will soon be listed in China, 100,000 yuan you will be tempted
Release date:2023.11.16

Suzuki China officially announced today that the GSX-8S, the second model of its new two-cylinder 800 series, is also ready for domestic launch.

Suzuki's new car is launched at the same time as the DL800 previously listed, both models are equipped with a new two-cylinder 800 power platform, and the upcoming street car also uses a new design language, a new frame developed around the engine, in short, compared with the previous GSX750 from inside to outside have a great change.

The new GSX-8S is currently the most discussed in the country should be a radical design, the stack-type LED light group continues some of Suzuki's iconic design elements, but it is very interesting that the appearance of the vehicle can see the shadow of Achun 650, it is true that radish greens have their own love.


As for the price of the new car, I am not expected to be low, on the one hand, because the vehicle Nissan, and the other is the same platform DL800 domestic price of 119,800 yuan, this street car into the country at least 9 to 100,000; Although the price of Honda's new Wasp CB750 is 89,800 yuan, and it will be reduced by more than 20,000 yuan to sell, Suzuki's pricing has always been unusual.

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