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Motorcycle fine maintenance how to do?
Release date:2024.01.04

First, how to remove the glue on the paint.

Some young car friends, like to dress up the car, oil tank and other large areas of paint, pasted a lot of decals, or some personality things. But with the passage of time, these things are old and ugly, and sometimes the aesthetic has changed, and the ones that looked good before may not look good again. But this stuff is easy to put on, but it is difficult to remove, especially those decals with back glue, how to do? With a knife? It'll hurt the paint! Dig with your hands. It's too much work, and you can't clean it.

The following method can effectively solve this problem, the first decal with a blister for about half an hour, can not soak water, with a wet rag cover, make it wet, water penetration, and then with a child's rubber dipped in a little detergent solution, rub on the decal, at this time you will be surprised to find that the decal and dirt will be rubbed into a strip, with the rubber fell down. When it is almost wiped, wipe it with a cloth dipped in water. Of course, you can also use carburetor cleaning agent or asphalt stain remover to wipe, more time and trouble! However, do not use these cleaners too hard, easy to damage the paint!

Second, electroplated parts injured how to do?

Now the motorcycle, in order to the overall beauty of the atmosphere on the grade, many places are used chrome plated parts, look shiny, very beautiful. However, after a long time, the chromium plating part will rust to different degrees due to wear and erosion by water and gas, which seriously affects the appearance. How to solve this situation?

Here is a method I learned, you can try it. Go to the chemical store, buy some ammonium acetate, which is a white powder crystal, put ammonium acetate into the same amount of water, to be fully dissolved after heating to about 70 degrees, with a soft cloth dipped in the solution to scrub the rust part, until the rust disappears, and then wipe the residual solution with a dry cloth, the plating part will be bright as the beginning. After drying, wipe with a dry cloth dipped in a little oil to prevent rust. This method can not only restore the original luster of the electroplated parts, but also the time is very durable. This solution is, after all, a chemical, so be careful when using it, and try not to get it on your skin, let alone in your eyes. Of course, there is now a rust remover on the market that can also achieve this effect.

Third, how to clean special material parts?

In the cleaning and maintenance of some special materials of parts, many car friends will fall into the misunderstanding, some think that water can pack everything, and some think that gasoline can clean all parts, but in fact, improper cleaning, not only can not keep clean, but also may damage parts.

In particular, some non-metallic parts must not be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, gasoline and metal cleaning agents used to clean metal parts, otherwise, it will cause deterioration and failure. The cleaning method should be determined according to the material of the part.

Rubber parts: If cleaned with gasoline, it will cause rubber aging and deterioration, so it should be cleaned with alcohol.

Foam parts: If washed with oil, it may dissolve, so wash with laundry detergent or soapy water.

Leather parts: should not be washed with any cleaning solution, wipe with cloth.

Paper parts: such as empty filter element, can not be cleaned with water, the application of brush brush, air gun blowing, of course, if it is oil-based filter element, it is prohibited to clean, to the time directly change,

Clutch friction plate, brake shoe, can not be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, alkali solution, should be cleaned with gasoline.

Fourth, motorcycle maintenance common misunderstandings

Cars, like people, also need good maintenance, through the right way to maintain the motorcycle, can effectively increase the service life of the motorcycle. It can also improve the driving safety index of motorcycles.

Myth # 1:

Too much belief in the full synthesis, that the full synthesis is good, what car can be used, often see 125 people with the full synthesis, in fact, this is not right, the oil is not necessarily the full synthesis of good, and sometimes the full synthetic oil will make your car malfunction, for example, the top rod machine, you can not use the full synthesis, because the viscosity of the full synthesis is very low, Fan heat performance is not good, and most of the top rod engine is air-cooled, the viscosity of the oil is higher, the general Harley top rod v2, strictly prohibited the use of full synthesis, BMW horizontal engine is also mostly strictly prohibited the use of full synthesis, these cars if the long-term use of full synthesis will be easy to pull cylinder, valve clearance is larger and so on

Myth # 2:

Idle speed adjustment, in the process of my contact with a lot of riders, there are a lot of people, like to adjust the idle speed is very low, and some are adjusted to 800 RPM, which actually hurts the car, in the case of low idle speed, it is very bad for the crankshaft, the small chain of the car is easy to stretch, why is this, it is because the inertia of the crankshaft is insufficient, Therefore, the idling speed is very low, and the amplitude of vibration under the car is large, and the impact force on various components will be larger.

Myth # 3:

For the choice of gasoline labels, everyone may know that the higher the compression ratio, the higher the corresponding label of the gasoline he needs, but I think some people do not know what this is because, some people 125 with 97, and some even 98, thinking that the higher the label, the better, in fact, this is not right, the gasoline label, on behalf of the anti-knock of gasoline, that is, The higher the gasoline label, the slower it burns, and the higher the compression ratio it can withstand. If you add 98 for a long time to a car that needs 90 gasoline, it will lead to unclean gasoline combustion, engine weakness, carbon accumulation and even leakage of the valve, and black smoke if it is serious. For example, if you need 98 gasoline, use 90 gasoline. Then the engine will knock, valve break, start and bounce, and so on

Myth # 4:

When it comes to valve clearance, we have to say what the valve clearance can affect. Some people adjust the valve blindly want the sound to be quiet, which is wrong, and some people think that the valve clearance has a little sound, no big problem, which is also bad. First of all, the valve clearance affects the ventilation of the entire engine and affects the engine's secondary combustion period. (The afterburning period is the gasoline burning time after ignition) Then what is the effect of the oil return after the valve adjustment is tight? The answer is that the sound will be quiet, but the afterburn period will be shorter, the fuel consumption will increase, the cylinder temperature will increase, and the engine will be particularly prone to high fever, unstable idle speed, and so on.

Then in one is that the valve gap is too large, the valve gap is too large, he will make the burning period longer, the power of the car will decline, the sound will become louder, and the high-speed valve is easy to fall off

Myth # 5:

The understanding of the tire is not enough, the understanding of the tire pressure is little, there are many friends like particularly large tires, modification of particularly large tires, which is not good, first of all, few people to maintain the car tire pressure and tire maintenance, tire pressure affects the braking distance, the shock absorption of the vehicle, as well as high-speed stability, flexibility of turning, This is the tire can affect, if your front fetal air pressure is insufficient, then it will cause, the faucet is heavy, the turning is difficult, the serious front wheel hub will squat cracks, deformation and even fragmentation, many owners are because of laziness, do not check the tire pressure, resulting in the front wheel fragmentation. In addition, the pressure of the tire is too high, too high pressure is easy to blow the tire this I think everyone should know, too high pressure is also easy to cause the sensitivity of the car is too high, the braking distance is shorter, the high-speed flapping, the turning is easy to slip and other phenomena

Myth # 6:

Carburetor maintenance, carburetor maintenance is not only cleaning, but also adjustment, winter needs to adjust the winter temperature required mixing ratio and oil needle height, summer needs to adjust the summer mixing ratio, of course, the carburetor can not be too much cleaning, too much cleaning carburetor will cause wear to the carburetor air duct, fuel consumption will become larger, adjust the carburetor before cleaning. Also remember to clean or replace the air filter.

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