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Kawasaki Ninja500 price announced, high SE version price increase, added 40th anniversary model
Release date:2024.01.25

Today, Kawasaki is the first to launch its new entry-level sports car in overseas markets, the NInja 500, which can be divided into two categories: ABS free and standard ABS, and the latter can be subdivided into four versions - Standard edition, SE edition, KRT SE Edition and SE 40th Anniversary edition.

The Kawasaki Ninja 500 ABS standard edition starts at $5,699, the same as before; Compared to the previous Ninja400, this version is different in appearance, engine, and instrumentation. If you only compare these two versions, the new Ninja 500 is not an increase in price.

However, Kawasaki also launched the Ninja 500 SE ABS, which will be priced at $6,399 for the KRT version, an increase of $700 (about RMB 5,000). The SE version is mainly based on the standard version, with a colorful TFT meter, keyless start, USB charging interface and LED steering light set. The price of these several configurations is 5,000 yuan, Kawasaki's knife is also some exquisite.

At the top of the list is this year's heavily promoted 40th anniversary edition, which almost popularized Kawasaki's Ninja car line. The Ninja 500 SE 40th Anniversary ABS Edition is $6,599, which is another $200 more than the regular SE edition, with the main difference being the shiny commemorative edition flowers.

Kawasaki's new Ninja 500 compared to the previous Ninja400, the new look, increased engine to 451cc, and new instrumentation seem to be a lot of change, but the upright front fork, the same power output, and the electric control when it is enough are a bit of a drag.

The Ninja500 is not completely evolved, and in the face of the newly upgraded Honda 400 series and KTM390 series, it is not strong enough in the highly competitive domestic market. If Kawasaki's new Ninja 500 still starts at 49,800 yuan, would you consider it as an alternative?

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