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How often is the scooter transmission box maintained?
Release date:2024.04.03

A straddle motorcycle travels 10 to 20 thousand kilometers and needs to change the chain of teeth. But if a scooter has traveled 40,000 kilometers and needs to replace the belt or belt tray in the transmission box, it is not time yet. Because many owners always mistakenly think that opening the transmission box is to dismantle the engine.

The transmission box of the scooter should be regularly maintained, such as cleaning, lubrication, etc., which can extend the service life of the various parts inside the transmission box. But if these parts wear out, they still need to be replaced. There are often some bars will say, I have used how many years, how many kilometers, never moved, of course, you can say so, you can also use so, but this is good or bad only you know.

When the parts in the transmission box are excessively worn, the use of the scooter is definitely not the same as the fuel consumption, which is just like the cross-riding motorcycle tooth disk chain wear is not changed, and it will bring trouble to the owner. Excessive wear inside the scooter transmission box will produce starting jitter, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption, and broken belts during driving. We take a Wuyang Honda Ruiyu 110 as an example to see what will happen to the parts in the transmission box of the Ruiyu that has traveled 40,000 kilometers?

The owner of the motorcycle is very sensitive to the use of the car, recently he felt his Ruiyu cold car can not afford to accelerate, to add the accelerator is quite big will start, after 500 meters start, acceleration and normal. In addition, the manned riding experience is not the same as before, and the engine is not smooth at high speed. So he came to the maintenance station to check the motorcycle transmission box. It was found that the outer edge of the front pli plate was worn out with a groove ring. The width of the transmission belt is worn by about 1 mm, and the length of the belt is stretched by about 5 mm. Moreover, the belt has obvious cracks, and there are also traces of the belt because of the elongated beating transmission box.

This can explain his motorcycle failure phenomenon, the belt stretched, wear narrowed, when the cold car, between the belt and the plate, there is a serious skid phenomenon, so the cold car can not accelerate up. When driving 500 meters, the belt skid is heated, the temperature rises, the belt begins to soften, the friction increases, and the skid is not so serious. And the puli disc wear, resulting in increased fuel consumption, high speed acceleration and other phenomena. Replace these worn parts and the fault will be eliminated.

Therefore, I previously suggested that the transmission box of the scooter must be cleaned and maintained every 10,000 kilometers, each maintenance in time to check the wear of the parts, excessive wear to be replaced, so as to keep your scooter healthy for a long time. This is also based on the maintenance cycle summarized in long-term maintenance practice, which is relatively scientific.

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