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Those parts of a motorcycle are the most easily damaged
Release date:2024.05.16

(1) Motorcycle tires

The tire is a vulnerable part of the motorcycle and a key part of the vehicle driving system. The vehicle can not walk, if the tire is suddenly deflated at high speed (especially the front wheel), it will endanger driving safety. Like the human legs, it is not too much to say that the tires are the legs of the vehicle, in a sense, to care for the tires of the motorcycle is equal to caring for your life.

(2) Motorcycle carburetor

Carburetor as a precision mechanical device, its important role in the engine can be called the "heart" of the engine. From a professional point of view: the failure rate of the carburetor itself is extremely low. But why is the failure rate of carburetor often not low in actual use? There are two reasons:

① The quality problems of related parts greatly shorten the service life of the carburetor. Such as the reduction of cleanliness, increase the wear of carburetor parts and so on.

② Because all the working characteristics of the engine are related to the carburetor, such as acceleration, transition, fuel consumption and so on. Therefore, when judging the cause of the performance failure of the motorcycle, the failure of electrical parts or other mechanical parts is often confused with the carburetor, and the carburetor is wrongly replaced for the carburetor fault. For example, the filter failure causes impurities to clog the carburetor, and the replacement of a new carburetor fault is eliminated, but the fundamental problem is not solved.

(3) Motorcycle spark plug

Spark plug is an important part of the ignition system of motorcycle engine. Its role is to generate a high voltage generated by the ignition coil in the spark plug end to skip its set gap, generate a strong spark, ignite the combustion chamber of the combustible mixture, so that the engine can run continuously and reliably. Whether its function is normal or not will directly affect the performance and power of the engine.

Under normal circumstances, the service life of the spark plug should be more than 10,000 kilometers. If some motorcycle engine systems are abnormal, the spark plug will be easy to wear and damage, the spark plug often fails the motorcycle smoke abnormal, not only increased air pollution, but also increased fuel consumption, economic deterioration, in addition to the spark plug itself quality problems, ignition system, fuel system, lubrication system and crankshaft connecting rod mechanism of the technical situation has changed. Will affect the normal combustion of the engine, causing the spark plug is often damaged. This paper intends to analyze the cause of the easy damage of spark plug.

(4) Motorcycle oil seal

Oil seal is one of the wearing parts on motorcycle engine, it plays a very important role in sealing the body. Motorcycle is an all-weather sports product, the life of its parts is limited, when the oil seal gradually aging or with the shaft and body seat hole abnormal, the oil seal will appear oil leakage phenomenon. Due to the high-speed operation of the motorcycle, its body shell must be stained with dust, soil and other impurities, which brings great difficulties to identify the specific parts of the oil seal leakage.

(5) Motorcycle engine

Motorcycle is one of the main components of the motorcycle, its quality directly affects the durability, comfort and reliability of the motorcycle, in addition, the motorcycle lights, steering light bulbs, combined switches, combined plugs, insurance, battery, bearings, car paint, etc., are vulnerable parts of the motorcycle.

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