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10 essential motorcycle accessories to help you enjoy a convenient riding trip!
Release date:2024.05.23

Tenth, motorcycle GPS positioning and lock, now GPS positioning has been able to do vibration, pick the lock, power off, speeding, dumping and other situations real-time notification, and lock collocation, going out these two are the strongest security measures, unless you hit the big gold cup.

Ninth, tire pressure monitoring, now more and more novice motorcycle into the pit, a very important point that affects riding safety is the tire pressure, for the car is not too good novice white, install a tire pressure monitoring can always observe the tire pressure situation, to ensure driving safety.

Eighth, tachograph, as long as the motorcycle friends riding on the road must have experienced the car, or the car driver driving is not standardized, so many motorcycle friends have chosen to install a recorder to protect their rights and interests, but now as long as the motorcycle accessories are very expensive, tachograph is one of them.

Seventh, backrest and electric heating hand, why put these two together, because the modified backrest is generally a cruise car, in order to pursue a more comfortable riding state, and electric heating hand, is the north of the small partners in winter is the most worth installing a warm measure.

Sixth, tire, tire change the most models should be small pedals, because of the price and model positioning reasons, manufacturers are generally equipped with more wear-resistant tires, and the biggest drawback of this tire is that the grip is very general, and a pair of good tires for a motorcycle, his importance is greater than all modifications.

Fifth, lights, motorcycles because of the size of the battery, so most of the actual lighting effect of the original lights are in the edge of the can see clearly, if often run the national highway suburbs, then modified LED headlights, or the installation of spotlights has become the first choice of motorcycle friends, because only better lighting effects can ensure the safety of driving at night.

Fourth, the bar, motorcycle as a two-wheeled vehicle, we need to always maintain the balance of the center of gravity of the body, and now the weight of the motorcycle is generally in three or four hundred pounds, not only novice motorcycle friends, even if the old bird does not pay attention to it may also occur in reverse, at this time the role of the bar is reflected, the small pedal installation of the bar can also minimize the damage caused when reversing.

Third, the tail box, presumably this addition item is in addition to the imitation race, any model of the owner wants a practical accessory, straddle models in addition to the tail box is a little ugly and slightly affect the control, the other are all advantages, and the scooter is equipped with the tail box, it is more like a tiger.

Second, the windshield, due to regulatory requirements, although the motorcycle's original windshield is very coordinated in appearance, it is a semi-finished product in function, so installing or raising a windshield is also the lowest cost method to improve driving comfort.

First, the mobile phone bracket, this accessory almost does not pick the model does not pick the crowd, and this is also the most popular motorcycle accessories in the most popular installation project, but the biggest drawback of this installation is that it is easy to shake the mobile phone camera.

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