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Do you need to change the oil inside the motorcycle?
Release date:2024.05.23

In the motorcycle maintenance ceremony, changing the oil is the basic operation, and for some friends who do not often ride, the frequency of changing the oil will not be so high, if it is just changed the oil, completely stationary state, the oil inside the motorcycle needs to be replaced?

For this question, it is also the confusion that many old drivers often encounter, and this time I will also explain to you the replacement of motorcycle oil. In fact, for the choice of motorcycles, now are basically some four-stroke motorcycles, the former two-stroke motorcycles are not independent replacement of oil, but the use of gasoline and oil mixture, while the two stroke oil and four-stroke oil belong to different media components, because this also focuses on the four-stroke motorcycle oil replacement knowledge.

Oil as an indispensable lubricating oil for cars and motorcycles and even the use of mechanical rotation, the most frequently used in sealed engines, if your motorcycle is a four-stroke, then the oil must be indispensable, we often refer to the oil change, the frequency of use is different from the frequency of not use, the general oil (mineral oil) life is less than synthetic oil, Synthetic oils use more miles, especially fully synthetic oils, whose effective service life may be four to five times that of ordinary mineral oils, and the corresponding replacement cycle will be longer.

However, the oil is also a kind of oxidized organic matter, the chemical composition of the inside will also change over time and the engine, if your motorcycle is filled with oil, has been placed at home, did not ride out, then the oil will not need to be replaced depends on your oil will not degenerate reaction so a problem.

The oil oxidation problem mentioned is the focus of this article, and some common oil oxidation time is generally in half a year to 10 months, even if you have the oil is unsealed, poured into the engine tank, it will slowly be oxidized off, and the oxidized oil, its viscosity will also decline, the engine as a high speed mechanical machine, The lubrication and temperature control of the internal gear components are very demanding.

If your oil has lost its function, then the corresponding protection can not play any role, so the motorcycle oil maintenance problem is still a vital link with the oil change, an engine maintenance, then its driving life will be qualitative improvement.

If your motorcycle does not ride for a long time, then as long as you have oil inside, the corresponding oxidation reaction will slowly form, because the oil is added to a variety of chemicals, when it encounters water or air, it will also exacerbate the oxidation, and the oxidized oil will correspondingly lose its original active chemical composition, resulting in thinning of the oil, causing the engine to lose protection. Thus, the lubrication between the engine gear and the cylinder block is lost, resulting in an irreversible hard injury.


After any motorcycle is no longer used, whether it is filled with new oil or used oil, the corresponding oxidation reaction will occur slowly, when the internal addition of chemicals, including the added antioxidant substances slowly fail, the engine will lose its due protection, so it is recommended that everyone in the motorcycle is placed at home for a year, the engine inside the oil empty. The corresponding injection of new oil to it, which will also greatly solve the subsequent big problems of the motorcycle, so we should also often replace the oil, so that the motorcycle engine maintenance is effectively protected.

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