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get little skills! Motorcycle troubleshooting method
Release date:2024.05.23

01 The intake air filter is blocked

The rubber tube is bent and blocked, the foam in the air filter is blocked by dust, and the oil is seriously rich due to the blockage of the intake air. Find a very clean road, remove the air filter intake pipe in front of the carburetor halfway, and try a trot. Clean the intake pipe and clean the foam in the air filter. If the air filter is normal, adjust the carburetor.

02 Motorcycle pull cylinder

Mix a little epoxy resin glue, gently apply the scratch of the cylinder to fill up, leave it for about 20 minutes, then sprinkle a small layer of talc powder, gently press it down, scrape it with a piece of cardboard into an arc that matches the cylinder, and leave it for 4-6 hours.

03 Cylinder carbon accumulation

Unscrew the spark plug, spray a few strokes of carburetor cleaner into the cylinder from the spark plug hole, then tighten the spark plug, turn on the ignition switch and step on the car, and wait for the engine to run for a few minutes.

04 Four punch cylinder head exhaust channel serious carbon accumulation

The carburetor has long been severely enriched with oil. The ignition Angle of the igniter is wrong for a long time. Long-term use of non-standard fuel. The engine burns oil. Remove the lower exhaust pipe, place the motorcycle on the side, shovel the exhaust port of the cylinder head with a small flat driver, and test the thickness of the carbon deposit layer. If yes, remove the lower cylinder head, use a small flat screwdriver to clean the carbon layer inside the cylinder head exhaust channel, and adjust the carburetor.

05 Cylinder head is too tight

Encounter the cylinder head combination is too tight motorcycle, first remove the fixing screw, and then from the spark plug hole to the cylinder drop a few drops of gasoline, re-install the spark plug, and then use the rope to bundle the cylinder and cylinder head, open the ignition switch after stepping on the starting rod, waiting for the engine explosion sound can easily remove the cylinder head.

06 The exhaust pipe is blocked

The exhaust pipe is blocked by carbon ash scale, and the bending part of the exhaust front section is dented. These cars are fine at low speeds, but not at high speeds. Find a good road, disassemble the exhaust pipe, run a short distance, compare the speed, you can identify. Remove the exhaust pipe, use the drain to clean the coil spring or the hand drill clamp the steel wire rope to scrape the internal carbon deposit, or use high temperature fire to accumulate carbon.

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