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What is the reason for motorcycle burning high pressure pack?
Release date:2024.05.29

Motorcycle high pressure pack, also known as ignition coil, is an indispensable component in the entire ignition system. It is a miniature transformer, consisting of a low voltage coil, a high voltage coil and an iron core. Its main function is to convert the low-voltage electric energy of the battery into high-voltage electric energy and send it to the spark plug for ignition. When the engine is running at high speed, the high-pressure sparks released by it can reach more than 20,000 volts.

Because the high voltage package works in the state of high temperature, high frequency, high voltage and high current, and the external environment is wet or dusty, the high voltage package has a high damage rate. Under normal circumstances, the motorcycle's high pressure pack does not need to be replaced even if the vehicle is scrapped, but some vehicles will have high pressure pack damage because of some models, human operation or other potential factors, mainly for the following reasons.

1, poor contact, if the fixed bolts and connecting wires of the high pressure pack can not contact, it will be easy to cause damage to the high pressure pack, mainly because the engine is running at high speed, if the high pressure pack is in poor contact, there will be a spark phenomenon, so that the copper wire inside the high pressure pack will be easily burned off.

2, quality problems, because of the production process under the stimulation of high current, the copper wire as thin as hair inside the high pressure pack will be burned off.

3, the temperature is too high, the high pressure pack too close to the engine will also appear premature damage.

4, flameout switch wiring problems, flameout line is connected to the negative electrode of the high pressure pack, so that although it can also be flameout, but not in time to pull back after flameout will burn the high pressure pack when flameout.

5, there is a problem with the igniter, the switch tube that controls the power supply of the high pressure pack may have been in the on-state, resulting in the high pressure pack has been energized and finally burned out.

6, the instability of the power supply to the igniter will also lead to the burning of high pressure pack. At this time, it is easy to short-circuit, and the high voltage pack may be overloaded, resulting in overheating or damage.

7, the ignition switch is wrong, the DC ignition switch is changed to the AC ignition. Some models ignition switch the second gear P is the parking position, this switch to the AC ignition of the car, open to the second gear in the blink of an eye ignition coil will be burned.

8, some modified electronic tachometer detection line is also connected to the negative electrode of the high pressure pack, if the electronic tachometer is wrong, it will also cause the high pressure pack to burn.

Therefore, the motorcycle line should be as simple and integrated as possible, and unnecessary functions can be abandoned.

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