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What are the possible reasons for the motorcycle's inability to speed up
Release date:2024.06.05

First, the oil supply system failure

1, the lean oil mixture is too thin, resulting in insufficient piston thrust due to gas action after ignition, and prolonged combustion time, engine overheating and other failures. The reason for judging the poor oil is poor acceleration in operation, when the damper or pump oil is moved by hand, the acceleration is improved, and when the concentrated mixture is not used, the acceleration is weak, then we can say that the motorcycle is in a state of poor oil.

2, the rich oil mixture is too strong to cause the motorcycle to accelerate at low speed. Due to the lack of sufficient oxygen when the mixture is too strong, the mixture is not completely burned, the power is reduced and the economic performance is poor, and it is easy to produce a large amount of carbon accumulation to block the exhaust device, which aggravates the acceleration weakness. In the analysis and judgment, it can be found that the spark plug is easy to be immersed in oil, the surface of carbon black deposition, the smoke exhaust of the silencer is abnormal and the firing occurs. And the fuel consumption is excessive, but the slight rich oil has little impact on high-speed operation, and closing the damper during operation will aggravate the fault phenomenon.

3. The air filter blocks the carburetor plane too high; Carburetor float chamber oil overflow; Carburetor main orifice loose; Carburetor thickening system reset is not good. Carburetor main air outlet blocked.

4, the fuel quality is not good, the gasoline label is wrong, can cause deflagration; Gasoline storage expired, decomposition occurred, calorific value decreased; There is water in the oil so that the engine operation is not continuous and the phenomenon of firing, and there are other components in the gasoline.

Two, circuit problems

1, high voltage power off, because the high and low voltage components and lines of the incineration system can cause high voltage fire skipping is not connected, causing the engine to smell the rest operation to speed up the weak; The high voltage spark is red and weak, and the high voltage voltage is too weak due to the fault of the electrical components and lines of the incineration circuit, which makes the engine work poorly.

2. The ignition time is too early, and the high pressure spark incineration will occur too early in the incineration time to bring great resistance to the piston that is rising and tightening, which not only affects the acceleration function. And it will lead to the engine is not easy to start, poor idle speed and accelerate cylinder tapping phenomenon.

3, the ignition time is too late, the incineration time is too late because the incineration time missed the best burst moment, and the flame stays in the cylinder time is long, not only directly affect the acceleration function, but also cause the engine overheating, exhaust pipe blasting, sound boring and other phenomena.

Three, transmission system failure

The clutch slip will cause the acceleration performance of the vehicle to be extremely reduced. When eliminating this fault, you should first search from the outside, first check the combustion condition of the engine, and then adjust the carburetor accordingly according to the performance of the combustion condition of the engine. If the effect is not very obvious, the ignition system should be checked according to the fault performance. After such operation, the fault still cannot be eliminated, and the machine should be dismantled and repaired.

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