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Motorcycle long-term parking common faults and precautions!
Release date:2024.06.12

The long-term use of vehicles only has disadvantages and no benefits, but also the industry often says that "the car is not broken", a motorcycle parked for a few months, once again, there will be a fault. The following five are common failures.

01 Battery power failure

Battery power loss phenomenon is the most common, not to mention long-term parking, many manufacturers of motorcycles parked for a week are very likely to appear battery power loss, play the phenomenon of fire.

02 Carburetor is blocked

The gasoline inside the motorcycle parked for a long time may not only deteriorate, but also due to long-term parking, gasoline sedimentation, resulting in the gasoline in the carburetor blockage of the stoma, the carburetor as the central deployment device of the vehicle, plays a vital role in the start of the engine operation, once the blockage is difficult to start the car, while the vehicle performance will also be affected.

03 The tire is cracked

Motorcycle front and rear wheels have different tire pressure, usually riding for a period of time to detect the tire pressure situation, long-term parked motorcycles, tire leakage leads to insufficient air pressure, tires easy to deform and crack, the price of a good tire is not cheap, the tire crack can only be replaced.

04 Engine Abnormal

For motorcycles parked for a long time, due to insufficient lubrication of the body oil, the probability of direct contact friction of parts is increased, and even if the lubricating oil is replaced before being used, abnormal noise can be heard, which is likely to be the sound of direct friction of parts, if it is parked for half a year to a year, and even some internal parts may be corroded.

05 Car rust

Long-term parked motorcycles, long-term exposure, in addition to a gray, chains and screws and other exposed metal devices may also be corroded and rusty, the appearance of the vehicle color will fade, originally belongs to the new car, so a put will age and fade seriously.

Long-term parking precautions

In the face of the above failure caused by long-term parking of motorcycles, how should we avoid it? As a car owner, if you are going to park the car for more than 2 or 3 months, do the following 10 points to easily maintain the car!

01 Cleaning

First clean the motorcycle, dry or dry, exposed sports parts (such as chain), adjusting bolts, bearings, etc., should also be coated with oil or butter rust prevention after washing.

02 Drain oil

The fuel in the tank of the car is discharged and installed with a closed tank, otherwise, the "light components" in the gasoline will be reduced (volatilized to the atmosphere) for a long time, resulting in the phenomenon that the motorcycle is difficult to start or cannot start. At the same time, the oil in the carburetor is discharged clean to prevent impurities in the gasoline from blocking the carburetor's measuring hole, oil passage and other components. Wait until the car is running again before refilling the oil.

03 Removing Batteries

The battery of the motorcycle is located under the seat, which is easy to disassemble, charge the battery every other month, and then put it back into use before starting.

04 Fill the exhaust pipe with oil

A four-stroke motorcycle should be injected with a certain amount of oil in the exhaust pipe. Remove the exhaust pipe from the car, add a small amount of oil from the front end of the exhaust pipe, and then install the exhaust pipe, and then start the engine to evenly distribute the oil on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe to prevent rust.

05 Remove the spark plug

Fill about 20ml of motorcycle special four-stroke pure oil into the cylinder from the spark plug, install the spark plug, turn OFF the ignition lock switch (OFF position), step on the starting rod 5-6 times, so that the oil is evenly distributed in the cylinder wall. If the motorcycle does not have a foot start, the spark plug cap can be removed, open the ignition lock switch (ON position), and press the start button for 2-3 seconds.

06 Front and rear tires maintain standard air pressure

If the tire pressure is too low, the tire will age prematurely and produce cracks.

07 Stretch up the tire

The large support will be supported, the motorcycle tire pressure meets the specified standard, the tire is padded with wooden blocks, so that the wheel can not contact the ground, if conditions are best to use the frame.

08 Place the car in a dry and cool place

Cover the car with a good breathable cotton cloth (can not be covered with plastic tape or cloth with paint), park in a ventilated, dry, clean, rain proof, sun protection place, and do not store with flammable products, chemical corrosion products and other harmful objects, otherwise it will accelerate the appearance of the motorcycle aging, premature aging.

09 Locking

In order to be safe, be sure to lock, a chain lock dish lock faucet lock can not be less, convenient to install a two-way anti-theft device is also a good choice.

10 Prepare for starting the service

For long-term parked cars, replace the engine with high-quality lubricating oil, refuel the fuel tank, install a fully charged battery, heat the car, and then drive on the road.

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