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Why is your motorcycle malfunctioning?
Release date:2024.06.27

During the use of motorcycles, because of the wear of parts, the aging of electrical components, the loosening of fasteners, the use of the environment, etc., failure is inevitable. When the motorcycle fails, the technical status of the vehicle will change, and some technical parameters and indicators will also change, which will inevitably affect the normal work of the vehicle. This changing state is always manifested in a variety of different symptoms, and this symptom is the ultimate manifestation of the cause of the failure.

Motorcycle failure is a variety of, the overall can be divided into motorcycle engine failure, electrical circuit failure, transmission system failure. In addition to the technical level of the driver, the use conditions and operating conditions of the motorcycle, these failures have a great relationship with the production, manufacturing, assembly and other links of the motorcycle. In order to diagnose the cause of the fault quickly and accurately, the factors affecting the use and adjustment of the motorcycle are analyzed.

(1) Wear and tear

Motorcycle in the normal process of driving, each part will produce different degrees of wear, deformation and loosening. The contact surface of some parts increases with the mileage of the motorcycle and the changes in the working environment of the parts, which in turn affects the friction surface and accelerates the wear. However, the working environment of each part is different, the material and processing method of the part are different, and the degree of wear is also different. Among the parts with more serious contact surface wear, the wear of piston ring, cylinder liner, crankshaft and bearing, piston pin and connecting rod small head, valve and valve guide, valve seat ring parts is the most serious. Natural wear is normal wear and is irresistible. Some parts wear to a certain limit can only be replaced, some parts wear after adjustment measures can continue to use

(2) improper use

During the use of motorcycles, the failure caused by improper use accounts for a considerable proportion. For example, the new car or overhaul factory car does not implement the on-off provisions, does not carry out on-off maintenance on schedule, and does not implement the speed limit as required, which will cause the engine to wear prematurely. The use of gasoline and lubricating oil that do not meet the requirements of the model will cause the engine working condition to deteriorate or poor lubrication. When using, do not follow the operating procedures, do not pay attention to maintain the normal working temperature of the cylinder body, etc., will cause premature damage to the vehicle.

(3) Improper adjustment

Improper assembly and adjustment of motorcycle accessories affect or seriously affect the working performance of motorcycles. For example, if the idle speed of the carburetor is not adjusted properly, it will be difficult to start and poor idle speed. The free travel of the clutch is adjusted improperly, resulting in the wrong gap between the main and slave plates, resulting in clutch slippage, incomplete separation and other faults; Improper adjustment of the free travel of the front brake and the rear brake of the motorcycle will cause unsafe failure of the motorcycle. Improper adjustment of valve clearance of four-stroke engine will affect the power of engine and the driving performance of motorcycle. Especially after the repair of the motorcycle, the improper adjustment of the clearance of the matching parts will cause the re-wear of the matching parts. Therefore, when it is necessary to adjust each matching part, it should be adjusted in strict accordance with the parameters of repair and adjustment.

(4) Environmental impact

Motorcycles operate in different environments, and their weak links are most prone to failure. For example, motorcycles often drive on uneven roads, the frame and suspension parts are prone to problems, and the connection part is easy to loose; When encountering rainy or humid weather, electrical appliances and electric Louis produce leakage and short circuit phenomenon; Driving on the sand, dusty road, easy to cause the blockage of the air filter; Driving in urban areas and mountain roads, because of the frequent use of the brake and transmission parts, often lead to premature damage to some parts.

(5) The influence of the change of working conditions

Changes in normal motorcycle driving conditions should not have adverse effects, but when the operating conditions produce sudden changes, often lead to engine and transmission mechanism failure. For example, when the motorcycle is driving, the engine suddenly turns off, and when the engine is started again, it is difficult to start; When the motorcycle is running, the brakes suddenly fail or fail. The reasons for these failures are more complex, some of them belong to the outbreak phenomenon of the accumulation of faults in the previous stage to a certain moment, and some are caused by sudden changes in the driving conditions. Because, for the fault caused by the sudden change of working conditions, it must be carefully analyzed. Therefore, for the fault caused by the sudden change of working conditions, we must carry out a careful analysis to find out the nature of the fault, in order to quickly eliminate the fault.

(6) The impact of manufacturing and equipment quality

With the rapid development of the motorcycle industry, a large number of motorcycle manufacturing enterprises have emerged in the country, and a large number of domestic brand-name products have been produced, but because of the different equipment conditions and technical levels of each enterprise, the quality of manufacturing and assembly is also different. In addition, there are still some quality problems belonging to manufacturing and assembly, and there are still some unsatisfactory places in the technical requirements such as factory testing. These problems will also bring inconvenience to the use and maintenance of motorcycles, so in the diagnosis of faults, can not ignore the problems caused by manufacturing and assembly quality.

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