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The reason of the damage of motorcycle gear and the judgment of engine sound fault
Release date:2024.07.04

Many riders will encounter such situations more or less:

1, the operation is not working, when walking stop.

2, the transmission noise is large when driving.

3. It will cause damage to other gears and damage the gearbox.

4, out of gear or can not hang up, frequent failure.

5, 3 gear easy to break, soon after replacement and broken.

So what caused the damage?

Transmission gears often operate under conditions of high speed, high load, constant rotation of speed and load. In addition to the normal wear of the gear, due to the quality of lubricating oil, poor lubrication conditions, improper driving operation, improper positioning of the gear assembly during maintenance, it will cause gear impact, gear teeth are not good and start shaking, which will accelerate the wear and damage of the gear. In addition, wear of other parts of the gear or other parts (such as spline grooving in the gear hole, bearing, spline shaft, etc.), deformation (such as transmission housing bearing hole wear or deformation, spline shaft bending, etc.), improper assembly of the clutch or drive shaft, and certain defects in manufacturing (such as uneven carburizing layer, gear warping, etc.) will also accelerate gear wear.

If the reason, then I think it is a personal operation problem, accounting for the main, often in the shift, will get stuck, resulting in gear wear.

In the maintenance, we can judge the problem by the sound of the engine, such as the clutch big old teeth, will make a very crisp sound, the sound is very loud.

Method of judging engine fault sound:

A collection of sounds made by various parts of a motorcycle:

Valve clearance sound ---------------- "tick", "tick"

Piston tapping ---------------- Da da Da

Rocker arm, rocker arm shaft wear ------- "buzzing", "buzzing"

Gas leak --------------------------- "chirp", "chirp"

Piston ring noise ----------------- "bang", "bang"

Connecting rod big head bearing ring ----------- "clack clack clack clack clack"

Carburetor backfire -------------- snap, snap

Exhaust pipe shot ----------------- "snap", "snap"

Knock knock ----------------- "chatter", "chatter"

When the motorcycle is weak, start the engine, so that the clutch is in a separated state, and increase the throttle to test:

Dull engine sound ------------ "Cause engine power"

Loud engine noise ------------ "clutch slip, tire pressure is insufficient"

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