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Cylinder Head You Don't Know
Release date:2019.07.18
        Automobile is an important means of transportation for people to travel, so if you want to drive, there must be a lot of parts and components, so today Xiaobian will introduce to you the role of the cylinder head of the car, which is used to seal the cylinder and form a combustion chamber. Side valve engine cylinder head, cast water jacket, water intake hole, water outlet hole, spark plug hole, bolt hole, combustion chamber, etc. So let's get to know it together.
What is the function of cylinder head?

Main function: Cylinder head belongs to valve distribution mechanism, which is mainly used to close the upper part of cylinder and form combustion chamber. It is also used as the support of camshaft and rocker shaft and intake and exhaust pipe. It mainly sucks air into cylinder, ignites combustible mixture gas by spark plug, drives piston to work, and exhausts gas from exhaust pipe.
Maintenance: Air leakage of cylinder head is mainly caused by improper sealing of valve or lower end face of cylinder head. Therefore, if there is carbon deposit on the sealing surface of the valve seat, it should be removed in time. If the sealing surface is too wide or there are grooves, pits, dents and so on, the new valve seat should be repaired or replaced according to its degree. The warping deformation of cylinder head and the damage of cylinder cushion also lead to air leakage. In order to avoid the warping and damage of cylinder head, the cylinder head nuts must be tightened in the prescribed order, and the tightening moment should meet the requirements. Water leakage is mainly caused by cracks in the 1000 cylinder head or inadequate sealing of the water plug. In order to prevent cracks from occurring, after the engine starts, it must gradually increase the load after fully warming up; the engine can not work over-load for a long time; in cold areas, cooling water must be exhausted after parking.
What is the function of cylinder head: testing


The working condition of an engine depends first on the cylinder pressure of the engine. The cylinder pressure of most EFI engines ranges from 1200 kPa to 1400 kPa, while that of a few engines with high compression ratio is above 1700 kPa. The original designed cylinder pressure of an engine mainly depends on the volume of the combustion chamber and the compression ratio of the engine, as well as whether there is a turbocharging mechanism. The main factors affecting the cylinder pressure of the engine in practical use are the amount of carbon deposited in the combustion chamber, the sealing condition of the combustion chamber and the smoothness of the exhaust gas.
Prerequisites for 1.1 Cylinder Pressure Detection
(1) The storage capacity of the battery is sufficient. Battery power deficit will cause engine speed to be too low.
(2) The engine coolant temperature is normal. The engine coolant temperature is above the normal working temperature (80 C). The airtightness of combustion chambers of cold and hot cars is different, so the measured values are different.
(3) Remove the air filter element.
(4) Remove all spark plugs. The cylinder pressure of each cylinder is measured cylinder by cylinder. Without removing the spark plug, the measured cylinder pressure will be higher than the actual cylinder pressure. If one is removed, the higher the cylinder pressure will be measured later.
(5) It is necessary to remove the natural oil pump insurance or other relay insurance to re-measure the EFI vehicle in the test, otherwise it will often lead to "flooding" and low cylinder pressure.
(6) The test hole shall not leak. Tighten the hose joint of the cylinder pressure gauge and spark plug hole before measuring, do not leak, and return the cylinder pressure gauge to zero before each test. When measuring, the crankshaft is rotated by the starter while the accelerating pedal is completely stepped on, and the throttle is kept in full open position for 3-5 seconds (engine speed is over 2500 r/min, engine speed is too low, cylinder). The pressure will be too low.
Today, the introduction of Xiaobian is over here. That's what the function of cylinder head is. Each part of automobile has its own function. It has different effect on automobile. If you use automobile frequently, you should pay attention to maintenance. Hope the introduction of Xiaobian can help you. Only For your reference!