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The cause and solution of motorcycle clutch slippage, abnormal noise and burning plate
Release date:2019.08.13

(1)Skidding - skidding phenomenon is mainly manifested as: in the motorcycle start, acceleration, uphill or other conditions due to the increase of load when there is weakness, rush, backward, etc., the main reason can be attributed to the clutch friction force can not meet the normal driving force.

There are many factors causing the phenomenon of skid, the following factors for your reference:

1, clutch friction disc material difference. The results show that the wear resistance of the high quality pieces under the same conditions (mainly refers to the use time under the same load) is more than 2 times that of the ordinary pieces. Of course, the price of high-quality foreign films is more than twice that of ordinary films. Users can choose high-quality or ordinary tablets according to their own needs.

2, vehicle overload caused by abnormal wear clutch. Many users especially rural users in the use of motorcycles often ignore the manufacturers of motorcycle maximum load requirements. Often take heavy requirement to be overweight below the circumstance of 150Kg to 200Kg above, come so clutch wear aggravate, can appear very quickly skid phenomenon, because this user should not let love car overload as far as possible, achieve the purpose of protecting clutch.

3. Improper use and maintenance of the engine. The main performance in the following aspects: first, oil does not change for a long time, high viscosity oil with iron filings is the main cause of clutch friction surface wear factors; The second is the clutch control mechanism is loose, the user did not make adjustment in time, so let the clutch in the semi-clutch state for a long time to work, which is quite a dangerous condition.

(2)Abnormal noise - its main phenomenon is: in the process of motorcycle driving load change or clutch engagement instantaneous abnormal noise. The main factors are as follows:

1. Uneven wear between the friction plate and the steel plate produces sharp calls at the moment of joint.

2. The contact surface between the friction disc and the center sleeve and the pressure plate is unable to penetrate into the contact surface due to the oil viscosity SampleText degree and other reasons, resulting in dry friction and abnormal sound.

3, the use of the locking mechanism loose or loose adjustment mechanism will cause the clutch dynamic balance imbalance, long-term use, each piece will be issued between the larger abnormal sound. The abnormal noise of clutch caused by the above three factors can be solved by daily maintenance, replacement of relevant parts and self-adjustment. In addition to the above three, the clutch friction plate flatness, friction plate thickness is not equal can cause abnormal noise clutch. This point requires clutch manufacturers strictly in accordance with the standard control of its height difference and flatness, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing abnormal noise clutch.

(3)Burning sheet - the most intuitive phenomenon of burning sheet is the friction material and the main body falling off. The main reasons can be divided into the following:

1, friction material is not firmly bonded. The main phenomenon is that some friction materials stay on the main body after the burning, which is very rare, because the friction manufacturers will fully test the adhesion of the friction pieces before leaving the factory.

2, the friction plate can not bear too much load caused by friction plate ablation. The main performance for friction materials off all the appearance of carbonization and charred taste. This phenomenon caused by a lot of factors, such as overload driving, poor oil quality, poor friction materials and incorrect clutch operation mode (such as semi-clutch climbing, slope shift, oil acceleration, etc.) may cause serious erosion of friction plate. Burn the piece to drive the safety influence quite big, carelessly will cause the serious accident, therefore asks the general mofriend to strengthen own safety consciousness, the correct use, the reasonable maintenance own love car.