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Motorcycle safety driving knowledge
Release date:2019.08.15

Before driving

1, carefully check the car condition, do not ride sick bike;

2. Don't drive a motorcycle when you are not healthy;

3. Don't drive a motorcycle after taking medicine;

4. No drunk driving or driving without license;

5, before driving a motorcycle must wear a good safety helmet, wear conspicuous tight clothes, easy to control and increase the attention of the car driver.

In the drive

1, maintain good mood and psychological quality, focus on driving;

2, do not open angry car and "man" car;

3. Keep to the right as much as possible;

4. Reduce acceleration and sudden stop to prevent emergencies;

5, meet the intersection must change gears to slow down, ensure safety after passing;

6. Slow down when encountering curves to prevent sidesaw (the front brake is prohibited at this time, or the vehicle may easily lose control and fly out);

7, when overtaking must turn on the turn signal, to ensure the safety of overtaking, do not close to the vehicle;

8, rain and snow weather, the ground friction resistance is small, the braking distance is relatively long, must slow down, the braking operation should be gentle, to avoid the report of death fall car;

9. Due to the short visual distance at night, slow down and turn on the driving lights at night to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles;

10, in the car feel abnormal motorcycle, must stop to check.

After parking

1. Check whether the lights and electrical appliances are abnormal;

2. Whether the engine is leaking oil or abnormal sound;

3, close the circuit, lock the car;

4. Turn off the fuel tank switch;

5, stop the vehicle, and finally use the center support parking, reduce tire load, extend tire life;

6, stay away from the source of fire, do not close to the motorcycle ignition smoking.