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Motorcycle burning oil power drop, someone said to change piston ring, what is the cause?
Release date:2019.08.27

     Normal maintenance of the motorcycle, piston ring and piston is not so easy to wear, wear generally work in the abnormal state.

    Commuter cars unless the age, otherwise piston ring wear is generally small, mainly some heavy-duty motorcycles (such as three-wheeled motorcycles) prone to piston ring wear, sometimes is changed soon and wear.

     Piston rings are usually cast in gray cast iron, and the ring surface is usually chromium-plated or copper-sprayed to improve wear resistance. The results show that chromium plating can increase the wear resistance of ring by 2-3 times, and reduce the maximum wear of cylinder by 20% to 30%.

     As mentioned earlier, wear generally occurs in abnormal conditions, if this problem occurs repeatedly, then the owner should review their driving habits and maintenance methods. The main forms of piston ring wear are described below.

First, abrasive wear

    Abrasive wear is mainly caused by dust and mechanical impurities entering the cylinder. These sharp impurities adhere to the cylinder wall, causing abrasive wear on piston rings and pistons, and are transmitted throughout the oil. The ring pressure of the first air ring is larger and wears faster.

   According to the principle of wear and tear, the reason is to enter the impurities, which means that the air filter this line of defense failed, air filter did not replace or clean up in time, resulting in penny wise and pound wise. In maintenance practice, some of the car empty filter can be filled with dust, to love the car ignored to this extent, how can you ensure that love the car good service for you?

Two, pull wear

    Fuzz is a kind of welding process, that is, in the mutual movement of the surface of the higher part of the temperature is very high, the gap is small, serious friction between each other, the small piece of metal piston ring temporarily melted, welding, fuzz.

  Piston ring fuzz usually occurs when the first air ring reaches the dead center of the cylinder, where the temperature is highest, the lubrication is worst, and the ring has a short pause relative to the cylinder wall, so it is most prone to fuzz.

    As soon as the fuzz is produced, it expands rapidly. As the fuzz continues to expand, the sealing function of the air and oil rings is destroyed, and air leakage and lubricating oil consumption increase.

    The direct solution to solve or alleviate this wear, is to regularly change the label of the right quality oil, only to ensure full lubrication, can ease the wear. When I was repairing my car, some of my friends complained that the oil had not been changed for a long time. I put the oil to see him, long lost the lubrication, is to buy a false oil, harm!

   In addition, some car friends use habits, such as cold car start on the high speed accelerator, this situation is also very easy to cause wear, because at this time the oil has not fully lubricated the friction surface, this habit, have to change!