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Have you learned all these maintenance methods of motorcycle shock absorber?
Release date:2019.10.21

Shock absorber maintenance tool

Remove the wrench from the front shock absorber, remove the rubber cover from the top of the front shock absorber, pull out the retaining ring, remove the cover, gasket, inner sleeve and shock absorber spring, and then empty the hydraulic oil from the shock absorber.

Clamp the front shock absorber on the vise (be careful not to clamp too tightly), support the piston rod with a wrench, loosen the fastening connection bolt at the root of the outer fork tube with an inner six-way wrench, and then the inner fork tube and other parts and components can be taken out. Its installation is carried out in reverse order when disassembling and disassembling. Front shock absorber cleaner, remove grease, shock absorption more smooth.


Shock absorber assembly technique

To maintain the shock absorber must be able to disassemble, master the skill is very important.

1. When installing the oil seal, the main lip should be facing the outer fork tube, and the dustproof lip should be facing the outer (that is, the numbered side of the oil seal should be facing the outer). A small amount of grease should be applied on the lip, and then the oil seal should be driven into the outer fork tube gently with wood block and hammer (or spin it in with special tools).

2. All parts should be cleaned before assembly.

3. Main lip of oil seal shall not be scratched.

4. Do not misapply sealant or gasket when installing oil drain plug.


Shock absorber daily maintenance

1, pay attention to the shock absorber to carry out regular cleaning and dust removal work, in order to minimize the cause of oil leakage. In particular, shock absorbers similar to RX125 are basically exposed in the working stroke section and directly in contact with dust. Therefore, it is very necessary to effectively dust the working stroke section of shock absorbers with soft cloth before each journey. It turns out that dust is an important factor that causes the shock absorber to leak quickly.

2, when the car is not riding, must pay attention to the shock absorber working stroke of oil protection, prevent the shock absorber corrosion and rust.

3. Check the tightness of the shock absorber before each ride to ensure safe driving. Also look for leaks in the shock absorbers to determine if they need to be removed or repaired to keep them in working order.

Reduce shock absorber damage

1, the use of regular manufacturers of shock absorber, to ensure driving safety and economic use.

2. Please drive smoothly to reduce abnormal shock to the shock absorber.

A. Slow down on rough roads;

B. Minimize acceleration, braking and cornering;

Try not to overload the vehicle.

3. Regularly check whether the relevant parts of the shock absorber are normal, such as dust cover, buffer block, vibration isolation block, etc. If any damage or aging is found, it should be replaced in time. And as far as possible to use regular manufacturers of parts and components.

4. Always check whether the pressure of the tire is normal and keep it within the prescribed range.

5. Clean your car regularly, especially the shock absorber.

6, shock absorber must be replaced in pairs, about must use the same manufacturer's products.