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Never add too much motorcycle oil, or the damage is very serious!
Release date:2019.10.21

Increase fuel consumption

Too much oil, will cause string oil situation, the crankcase has a vent pipe, the crankcase pressure, the crankcase on each oil seal is easy to be so high oil pressure caused by leakage. Also affect heat dissipation, crankshaft resistance is also large, thus increasing fuel consumption.


A failure

Too much oil will cause the pressure of the motorcycle increased, will produce from the oil seal or ventilation pipe leakage of oil and other faults, too much oil may even into the combustion chamber, burning from the exhaust pipe formed blue smoke out, causing the illusion of burning oil.

Performance degradation

When the motorcycle engine internal oil injection too much, the engine internal oil flow resistance increased at the same time increased its internal gas pressure, the formation of a consumption of the engine output power of the reaction force, piston downward, scraping hard, will cause accelerated cylinder wear and power decline.

Affect the combustion

Too much motorcycle oil, oil is easy to exhaust in the air pipe or carburetor air port, the engine ventilation pipe connected to the air filter, oil added, may go into the air filter, resulting in insufficient air intake affect the combustion, thereby affecting power and fuel consumption.

Caused by carbon deposition

When the motor oil is added too much, the spark plug will accumulate carbon, and the motor is easy to put out the fire when the motor is idling. It is suggested that the upper limit of engine oil injection should be controlled within 2/3 of the oil gauge reticulated area.

Method of removing excessive oil

Motorcycle engine oil to add much, must get a part out of the more simple solution is to use the abandoned syringe with the drip with plastic tube, the oil absorption, or put out the oil from the oil drain bolt, until the oil to the feet of online, some netizens invented the pressure head removed with detergent to remove the add more oil.